How to Soundproof Your Kennel

Dog kennels are filled with barking dogs and hard reflective surfaces.   The resulting echoes inside the kennel space, or the play area, can prove deafening to both the dogs and the employees caretaking for them.   As the background noise builds to unwelcome levels, the dogs can get stressed and the people wear down, both of which threaten the long term viability to the business.   The spike in the noise levels is caused by the bounce of the noise off the hard reflective surfaces in the room. To create a soundproof dog kennel you need to capture and convert echoes. And we recommend easy-to-install, lightweight, and waterproof sound panels.

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Kennel Soundproofing | Kennel Noise Reduction

To create a soundproof dog kennel, you need to place sound panels around the space to capture and convert more of the echo from your kennel.   As the dogs bark, their echoes will no longer continue to bounce around the room uncontrolled. Instead, the echoes will collapse, dropping the level of background noise, and generating a more comfortable environment for both the dogs and your employees.

The key to the acoustic values you are seeking lies in getting the right amount of sound panel introduced into your space based on its room size and that you do not under treat your space. Panel location is regardless, so long as you have the right quantity of panels for a soundproof dog kennel.

We have built our Room Analysis tool to help us target the right amount of panel required for your treatment based on your room’s dimensions.   Use the button at the top or bottom of this page to feed those dimensions to us, and we will generate your report back and quote your project.

soundproof dog kennel using hanging sound baffles

The Perfect Sound Panel for Dog Kennels

VET Acoustic Baffles are by far the most popular option for soundproof dog kennels, as these sound panels are colorful, decorative, light weight, easy to self install, class A fire rated and waterproof.   The VET Acoustic Baffles will combine to deliver an absorption coefficient into your space that will capture the echoes and deliver back a more user friendly room for both the dogs and your staff.   They measure 4’ wide x 2’ tall, and are designed to suspend vertically from the ceiling in your room.   Again, use our Room Analysis tool to submit your room dimensions and we will report back on your baffle count and what it would cost to get them made and delivered to your kennel.

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Related Product Options for Kennel Soundproofing

VET Baffles are designed to hang vertically from your ceiling.   If you have lower ceiling height or are concerned about lights, sprinkler heads or ventilation, you could place the same VET Baffle treatment around the top 2’ of your perimeter wall space, or opt for the alternative, which is to glue our Noise Reduction Pyramid Foam Panels flush to your ceiling. Regardless of your situation we can help you create an effective and welcoming soundproof dog kennel.

Why Noisy Dog Kennels Love VET Baffles

VET Hanging Sound Baffles are colorful, waterproof, class A fire rated, easy to self-install, and offer premium sound absorption coefficients.   These sound panels are the ideal choice for controlling unwanted noise in a soundproof kennel application.   Easy to ship, handle, install and suspend in the kennel to interrupt echoes, capture and convert them out of the room.    They weigh just 2 pounds each but absorb up to 80% of the echoes in the room.

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Soundproof Dog Kennel with Hanging Sound Baffles

Four Steps to a Soundproof Dog Kennel:

Measure Your Kennel Room

We need the cubic footage of your space. Measure your room’s length, width, and height.

Submit Room Analysis

Use the button at the top or bottom of this page to submit your room’s dimensions.

Approve the Quote

We will define the framework for your treatment and submit back your quote for approval.

Self Install

Your sound panels will drop ship to your doorstep.  Our treatments are cost effective, and designed for self-installation.

Case Study for Kennel Soundproofing Treatment

We encourage our clients to review the variety of our sound panel treatments featured in our Case Study Library. Be sure to check out our soundproof dog kennel client, Doguroo Indoor Playland and Kennel, featuring our VET Baffles.

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Doguroo Case Study
Kennel noise controlled with NetWell sound panels

Dog Kennel Soundproofing:  Q&A

Why Are Kennels so Loud?

Kennels need to remain healthy and clean. Therefore, they are built using hard, nonporous surfaces that can be hosed down. These same surfaces are highly reflective and create echoes due to barking dogs. Because of this, the background noise spikes, the dogs become nervous and uncomfortable, and the decibel levels reach unwanted noise exposure levels. Kennel soundproofing techniques are designed to capture the echoes in the space and lower the intensity and exposure to noise.

How Do You Design a New Kennel for Premium Noise Control?

The design focus for new kennels should be cleanliness to protect the dogs’ health. Acoustics come second. Once the kennel is properly built out with easily washable surfaces, a soundproof kennel treatment can be applied by retrofitting the space with acoustic tiles — wall or ceiling mounted — to effectively capture and convert the echoes from the space. Designing a new space should take into account both the surface textures for cleaning as well as sound panels for kennel noise reduction.

How Does Kennel Noise Affect the Health of Boarded Animals?

Sound management in a loud kennel environment is a must. Without proper control of noise levels, the boarded dogs will suffer from stress-related health issues. A soundproof dog kennel should be a noise abatement priority to protect the health of the dogs as well as the staff working with them.

How Loud Are Barking Dogs in a Kennel?

Studies have shown that decibel levels can exceed 100 dBa in an untreated kennel. Humans require hearing protection when exposed to levels of 85 dBa or stronger. The noise levels in a kennel will vary depending on the size of the space and the number of dogs boarded, but no kennel should be without sound panels to protect the dogs and humans.

How to Soundproof Your Kennel

By placing sound panels inside your kennel space, the echoes from the dogs inside the room can be captured and converted out of the space. Without soundproofing your kennel, these same echoes will spike noise to uncomfortable levels for both humans and dogs. Once your kennel receives the proper sound panel noise reduction treatment, the echoes are captured. This reduces the spike in noise levels and lowers the exposure to noise. VET Baffles are the ideal treatment for soundproofing a loud kennel boarding space.

How to Lower Noise Levels in a Doggie Indoor Playland

Soundproofing an indoor playland depends on the height of the room. Acoustic VET Baffles are available for rooms that are a minimum 10’ tall. These sound baffles suspend vertically from your ceiling to absorb echoes and produce a more favorable noise level in your playland area. For rooms with shorter ceiling heights, acoustic Fabric Panels can be placed around the perimeter walls of your room to produce the same level of sound absorption. Also note that your kennel soundproofing can be upgraded by printing images such as dogs or your company logo onto the faces of the panels. See PicturePanels.

How to Lower Noise Levels in Your Kennel Exam Room

Kennel exam rooms are typically smaller sized rooms, which means switching the acoustic treatment out and placing a set of Fabric Panels on the walls or ceilings inside the room to produce the same level of echo control that the VET Baffles deliver. Both soundproof kennel options are decorative, upholstered sound panel systems that will add acoustic and cosmetic value to the room.

How to Lower Noise Levels In Your Reception Area

Reception areas can fill with noise from nervous dogs barking. The noise levels can be reduced by placing a set of wall or ceiling mounted sound panels in the room to capture and convert the echoes out of the space. These Fabric Panels are available in 60 color options. You can also choose to have images of dogs, your logo or staff members custom printed onto the faces of your sound panels. See PicturePanels.

What Are the Benefits of Using NetWell’s Sound Panels in Your Kennel?

Kennel noise reduction efforts will make your dogs less anxious and more comfortable. Your employees will also be more comfortable, lowering levels of unproductivity, absenteeism and turnover. When there is no kennel soundproofing, customers may also decide that their dogs would be better taken care of at an alternative kennel. Kennel soundproofing protects the long-term viability of your business, making it a wise investment for both your business and the health of the animals.

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