Loud Barking Dogs

The Doguroo Franchise provides indoor playland and boarding services for dogs. The facility based in Atlanta, GA contacted NetWell Noise Control for help in lowering the excessive noise levels within the space. Loud reflective echoes from the dogs barking created an unhealthy work environment for their employees, and an unfriendly environment for the dogs. Co-owner Eileeen Kelly called for help in resolving their noise issues.

acoustic baffles control noise levels in loud kennel

Reducing Noise

NetWell Noise Control performs a complimentary Room Analysis for all clients that reach out for help.  The analysis helps to define the framework for any soundproofing treatment and quotes the project back to the client at no charge.  When Eileen called for help with her Doguroo space, NetWell targeted a set of acoustic VET Baffles to be suspended from their ceiling in both the boarding room and the play room.  The baffles combine to capture and convert unwanted echoes from the room, which in turn delivers a healthier environment for both the dogs and the employees.

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kennel noise control with sound baffles by NetWell Noise Control

Featured Product

VET Baffles are the most popular sound baffle we sell. They are Class A fire rated, waterproof, easy to self-install, durable, and one of the most cost-effective ways to add the absorption coefficients that large open spaces need to control excessive sound wave reverberations. These soundproofing panels simply free hang in rows and columns, spread across the expanse of a ceiling, to trigger a dramatic collapse in echo. By removing the background noise from the room, clarity to original sound is restored.

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red sound baffle for controlling noise in dog kennels


As a result of the baffle installation, the sound values in the room improved dramatically. VET Baffles are able to absorb up to 80% of the unwanted echoes in the room, restoring the room back to premium sound quality, keeping the employees happy and the dogs relaxed.

lower noise levels in a kennel with sound baffles by NetWell

Thank you NetWell Noise Control for your help in resolving our noise issues. The baffles look great, and the dogs are so much more comfortable thanks to the collapse in the background noise!

Eileen Kelly

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