DIY Acoustic Panels Install

The goal with every NetWell soundproofing project is to control both your noise and your costs. Keeping high end acoustical contractors off your project can cut your costs in half.  What we tell our clients is that if you have the skills to hang a picture on a wall, you have the skill sets you need to easily self install your new sound panel system. Tens of thousands of satisfied NetWell clients who all came before you, have all successfully done just that. Building maintenance staff, volunteers or hiring a local low cost general trade contractor, any of these options offer substantial savings to your cost.  Installing DIY acoustic panels is a great cost saving option for your soundproofing needs.

DIY Acoustic Panels Soundproofing Installation

Step 1:  Inspect Your Delivery

sound panels deliver to your doorstep

In preparation for your DIY acoustic panel installation, your first order of business is to carefully inspect the sound panels that were delivered to your project site. NetWell is not held responsible for any damage to a sound panel in transit to a client. If any panel damage occurs, the freight company will need to reimburse you, but that only happens if you sign for your delivery as damaged. Every 1 in 100 orders might have an issue. It is rare, but it does happen, so please be diligent and inspect your sound panels before the driver leaves. When your order arrives, please note that the driver will deliver your panels to your doorstep on a pallet, but he will not move the pallet indoors. Have 1-2 volunteers meet the driver, accept the pallet, inspect the order, break the box open, and carry the panels into your space.

Blankets & Baffles

The acoustic panel installation guide listed on our website only gives instructions for our cloth-wrapped sound panels. If you have a sound barrier blanket application or an acoustic sound baffle project, simply free-hang these soundproofing products via the grommets that are placed in the product.

For questions related to the installation of either of these soundproofing treatments, call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355.


Step 2:  Have a Game Plan

During the course of the 4 weeks or so that it takes to deliver your sound panels, build a game plan for the completion of your installation. Be sure you have selected the appropriate clip system to mount your panels (see below), and that you have the appropriate installation tools on-hand or reserved, like scaffolding or a scissor lift for upper wall or ceiling-mounted installations.

multipurpose room with soundproofing installation

Panel Placement

The layout of your panels is more a cosmetic decision compared to an acoustic decision. As long as NetWell delivers the right amount of acoustic panels to your project site, you’ll get the results you’re looking for. Work to evenly space the soundproofing panels around the expanse of your room, and mount them to the wall or ceiling in even sight lines. Be sure to work with your sound consultant at NetWell to confirm that the right clip system is shipped with your order. View your sound panel clip options below, and contact NetWell for any related questions.


Step 3:  Mount Method Options

There are a variety of clip systems available for you to complete the installation of your sound panels. Be sure to work with your NetWell sound consultant to confirm the appropriate clip system is selected. The chosen clip system will ship with your order. Again, be sure to inspect the delivery of your sound panels and confirm that the box of clips is included.


Soundproofing Installation with DIY Acoustic Panels
rotofast clip system for mounting sound panels to a wall for soundproofing a room

Option 1:  Rotofast Snap-on Anchors

This is the most popular method for mounting our acoustic panels.  The Rotofast snap-on anchors are super easy to use and ideal for mounting on virtually any surface. Each sound panel takes between 4-6 anchors which should be screwed in 6″ from the edge of the panel. The videos below show how to install on drywall, a hard substrate (such as concrete, wood, & CMU block walls), and how to install using standoffs to get even more performance from the acoustical panels. It’s glueless, portable, and simple.

Click Here to view the Rotofast Installation Instructions

Installing NetWell Fabric Panels on Drywall

Installing NetWell Fabric Panels on a Hard Substrate

Installing NetWell Fabric Panels with an Air Gap/Stand-offs

zclip hardware mount for sound panels to a wall

Option 2: Z Clips

For concrete, CMU block, or brick walls, Z clips (also knowns as EC Clips) can be used. Z clips are a set of mechanical clips that are anchored to the backside of the panels prior to shipment. Included in your order is a corresponding set of receiving clips or bars that are anchored to your mounting surface. The panels then simply lock into place. Since Z Clips are directional, be sure to inform us if you plan to mount the panels portrait or landscape so that we correctly orient the Z clips on the back of the panels during fabrication.

See Z Clip Wall Mount Instructions
See Z Clip Ceiling Mount Instructions

impaling clips and adhesive for install sound panels

Option 3: Impaling Clips

This is the easiest installation method if there’s no intention to ever move the panels. Simply anchor the impaling clips to the wall, apply construction adhesive to the backside of the panel, and press the panels to the wall. The adhesive usually takes around 24-48 hours to fully cure (refer to adhesive manufacturer instructions). Impaling clips with spikes on one side are used on hard substrates, while double-sided impaling clips are used on drywall. This method should not be used when mounting panels to ceilings.

See Impaling Clip Wall Mount Instructions

CloudWire for sound panels

Option 4: Cloud Mount

Some clients opt to “float” their acoustic panels off the ceiling. This panel style is called a Ceiling Cloud. For this method, we ship a set of Rotofast cloud mount anchors which screw into the back of the panel just like the snap-on anchors. When you’re ready for the installation, simply thread your own wire through the eye bolts and float the sound panels off your ceiling as you wish. The distance between the sound panels and ceiling makes no difference for sound absorption.

How to Hang NetWell Ceiling Clouds


If you have additional questions our DIY acoustic panels or soundproofing installations, please call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355. We look forward to working with you and delivering the results you are seeking.

Browse our sound panel systems to find out which installation clip option will work for you.


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