Loud Computer Racks

Craig Martin serves as FM Lab Manager in Engineering Services for Intel’s Folsom, CA location. Craig’s team was experiencing unwelcome noise levels stemming from their computer rack room and reached out to NetWell Noise Control for some help and advice. The noise was transmitting through common walls separating the computer room from adjoining offices. Craig’s goal was to isolate and contain the noise to within the computer room and protect the perimeter office space.

computer rack noise contained with sound barrier curtains

The Treatment

When NetWell Noise Control was contacted by Craig, a lot set of QBS Sound Barrier Blankets were introduced as the solution. These noise reduction curtains help combat up to 90% of unwanted noise from bleeding through a common surface. The goal was to retrofit the blankets to the existing side and front walls to the room, including a custom door cover. Along the back wall, a corresponding set of class A fire rated Pyramid Acoustic Foam panels were installed to help absorb the energy that was now being blocked/contained to within the space.

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computer rack noise contained with soundproofing sound barrier blankets

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QBS Sound Blankets are Class A fire rated sound barrier curtain systems that can be custom cut to match the cavity size of any client’s needs. The blankets free hang as sound isolation walls, from floor-mounted frames, against common walls, or suspended from the ceiling to deliver up to a 90% collapse in exposure levels to unwelcome noise.

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sound barrier blankets combat mechanical noise


As a result of the treatment, the QBS Sound Barrier application was able to reduce the bleed of noise out of the room. A field stitching kit was included with the order, giving Intel the opportunity to do some custom trimming around the room, sealing the room tight for leakage. The Pyramids along the back wall then helped reduce the level of noise in the room. When the project was done, all adjoining spaces at Intel were now protected from the computer rack noise.

acoustic foam for capturing and converting loud computer rack noise

A big thank you to NetWell Noise Control for solving our computer rack noise. The adjoining spaces in our building now enjoy premium sound quality, thanks for your QBS blankets. We will look to work with you again.

Craig Martin
Folsom, CA

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sound barrier blankets can be field cut for soundproofing a wall custom onsite field trim cuts for sound barrier curtains to soundproof a door QBS sound barrier blankets by NetWell Noise Control class A fire rated noise control blankets Sound Deadening Blanket Application

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