Soundproofing Your House of Worship

SoundProofing a Church with Sound PanelsSound Panels for Your Church

Our sound panels control your echoes.  Wall or ceiling mounted around a room's perimeter, NetWell's sound panels combine to capture and convert the unwelcome background noise in your space to deliver back greater clarity to original sound.   Soundproofing a space is all about collapsing the perimeter background noise.  The key to the success of your soundproofing treatment is to ensure that you do not under-treat nor over-treat your space with the sound panels.   We offer a free Room Analysis for our clients that helps determine that panel count based on the size, shape and surface textures of the room in quesiton.  

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Church Soundproofing

Church soundproofing treatmentsNetWell Noise Control has built a 20 year track record in the field of sound control.  We specialize in treating schools and churches for more favorable interior room acoustics.    The key to the success of your soundproofing project starts with an accurate diagnosis of the problem.   We then replicate our soundproofing treatments over and over again, basing product selection and quantities around the size, shape and surface textures of your room.  We work within your budget to deliver the best in sound values for your space.

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Sanctuaries, Fellowship Halls, Gyms, Classrooms, Music Space

Sanctuaries, Fellowship Halls, Gyms, Classrooms, and Music Space AccousticsWithout a sound panel system, room's within a church environment can be user unfriendly.   Echoes within a room can cause background noise that makes it difficult for people to discern speech.   Especially for senior citizens.   If you suffer from poor room acoustics, our sound panel systems will resolve your issues and make your room more user friendly.   The panels are decorative, durable, easy to self install, colorful, portable and class A fire rated.   We will cut them to the size and color of your choice.



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NetWell Noise Control takes great pride in the track record we have developed over the years delivering quality sound control to worship facilities spread throughout the world.   They all start with a single phone call into NetWell seeking advice and insight on their soundproofing needs.    One five minute phone conversation is all it takes to get started.   We look forward to hearing from you.

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NetWell has built a new blogging feature on our website.   This component is designed to help our prospects and clients share like experiences, post questions and help guide one another through their various soundproofing projects.   This feature is brand new, it will take time to build activity, but our help desk will answer any and all questions posted there! 

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