dB-Bloc Sound Barrier

Soundproofing A Common Surface with dB-Bloc

Sold in 54" x 30' rolls. dB-Bloc covers 135 sq ft per rolldB-Bloc is a ultra thin, ultra dense soundproofing membrane that layers beyind drywall to deaden sound bleeding through common walls and common floor/ceiling assemblies.   Each 54" x 30' roll weighs in excess of 150 pounds shipped yet measures just 1/8" thick.   The purpose for the material is to add concentrated weight to the common surface in order to collapse vibrations.   Think of placingi your hand atop a drum, a guitar string, or a wine glass, and note how the mass of your touch kills the vibrations, which in turn kill the noise being broadcast.   Adding dB-Bloc to a common wall or ceiling surface will produce the same net effect.

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As we teach in our wall soundproofing page,  dB-Bloc is designed to layer behind drywall in combination with a form of disconnection.   If your starting point is a finished surface, simply staple dB-Bloc to the surface, add a furring strip / channel system as shown here, and drywall over to complete  your installation.

If your starting point is a new build, switch out the furring strip system for a double wall frame or a staggered stud assembly to force the disconnect.  Then add dB-Bloc to the frame and drywall over it.



A properly installed dB-Bloc soundproofing treatment can take an average STC rated wall of 38-40, and deliver back an STC rated wall of 55-60, which is luxury grade soundproofing as defined by the US Government.   Leakage of course will decay all results on all projects no matter what.   Any common surface that shares electrical, plumbing, ventilation, adjacent untreated walls, floors, ceilings, windows, hallways, stairwells, doors and more will combine to leak noise.  

While there is no complete "cure" to sound isolating one room's noise from the next, there is certainly better "control" you can deliver over your environment using this dB-Bloc material.    On average, the soundproofing treatment can deliver a 10-12 dB drop.   To experience what that collapse in sound might sound like, visit our Sound Chamber