Soundproofing a Bar

The Soundproofing Challenge

There's a balancing act when it comes to treating a bar for acoustics.  Afterall, it can be as uncomortable walking into a bar that is too "quiet" as one that is too "loud".   But taking care to treat a bar for quality sound does not mean eliminating the noise, it means correcting the unwelcome reverberations within the space.   The goal is to make the room lively and filled with people who can both appreciate the music and/or hold a conversation across a bar stool.   Our popular sound panel treatments proudce this very result.


How to Soundproof Your Bar

To correct poor room acoustics within a bar, the soundproofing treatment will target the installation of a set of sound panels designed to capture and convert the unwelcome noise out of the space.   Thes be can be wall or ceiling mounted sound panels, wrapped in a variety of cloth colors as Fabric Wall Panels for the walls or Ceiling Clouds to the ceiling, leaving your walls as they are.   It is often the case that unlike a conference room, classroom, gymnasium or studio setting, a bar has a theme to the space, and the owner does not want to compromise that theme by slapping up sound panels that disrupt the design.

So in addition to the cloth wrapped panel systems, we offer PicturePanels.   We can take most any graphic, image, logo, fine art, vintage image or other digital files and print them onto the face of the wall or ceiling mounted panel system.   This provides the bar owner two distinct options.   First, we can color paint match the panels to camouflage into the ceiling or walls inconspicuously;  or second, we can produce a visual WOW factor with our panels, branding the space with vivid, decorative panel systems that become the focal point to the space....imagery that doubles as a sound panel system, sound panels that brand the space for eye appeal.


Acoustic Results for Your Bar

By capturing echoes, sound wave reflections will die off within 2 seconds, which is the acceptable level to human ear.   Without the sound panel treatment, the echoes will carry for up to 10 seconds, which causes the dreaded "cocktail party effect".   By placing the right amount of the right panel treatment into your room, the sound intensity drops to more favorable levels, creating a more comfortable environment for the patrons within the room, and more protection for neighbors nearby.


Start Smart:     Good Decision Making Will Save You Money


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