Soundproofing a Gymnasium


Encana Kids Camp

The Soundproofing Challenge

Soundproofing Gym Space With Fabric PanelsGymnasiums are typically large, oversized shoe-box shaped rooms filled with unwanted sound reflections that render the room useless as a teaching facility.   Seen here is the gymnasium located at the Encana Christina Lake Kids Camp in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.   Their director, Simon Cook, had contacted NetWell Noise Control seeking help in producing a more favorable acoutsic environmentment in their gym.   The sound reflections were so bad in the room that students, parents and teachers were all complaining about the use of the space.   The echoes were intolerable, the room was uncomfortable, the teachers and coaches were unable to communicate with the kids.

The Soundproofing Treatment

Simon Cook submitted to NetWell Noise Control the dimensional size, shape and surface textures of the gym in question.   In turn, NetWell introduces Encana to the use of the popular Fabric Panels to be wall mounted around the upper perimeters of the room as shown here.   The panels are durable, fire rated, colorful, self installable, and will collapse the unwanted sound reflections down to manageable levels.   With the information supplied by Simon, NetWell was able to determine the overall square foot totals that should be introduced into the room to trigger the desired sound effects.   In this case, 40 panels measuring 4'x8' were shipped.


The Soundproofing Results

After the installation of the Fabric Panels, Simon Cook emails NetWell:

"Thanks so much.   The treatment worked perfectly.  All involved are so excited about the results and the impact it had on their activities.    Thanks again for your advise, your expertise, and the speed of your services.   Our gymnasium now sounds great."

Fabric Panels are class A fire rated sound absorbing panels that can withstand ball strikes.   They are ideal for controlling sound wave reflections in any commercial, industrial or residential venue.   The panels are custom cut to size and color.   For more information on the panels, click here!

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