Auditorium Acoustics

Premium sound quality in an Auditorium setting is a must. Great care must be given to controlling levels of background noise that will blur sound signals and distort the acoustics within the space. Such was the case with Bound Brook High School in Bound Brook, NJ. The unwelcome echoes in the space produced so much background noise that the audience had a hard time discerning speech, and the musical tones were all garbled.

soundproofing for auditorium acoustics

Clarity to Sound

Bound Brook High School reached out to NetWell Noise Control for help in reaching premium sound values in their Auditorium space. The unwelcome sound wave reflections that were causing the problem were captured and converted using a set of acoustic Fabric Panels supplied by NetWell. The panels were spaced around the side and back walls of the Auditorium, where they would combine to capture and convert the echoes from the room.

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Featured Product

Fabric Panels are cloth wrapped compressed fiberglass acoustic panels that we cut to size and wrap to the color of your choice. Their edges are resin dipped to make them crush proof, and clip systems are included with your order to help secure them to your perimeter wall or ceiling surface. These Fabric Panels are decorative, durable, portable, easy to self-install, Class A fire rated, and our number one selling sound panel system for most any commercial space.

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Sound Absorbing Fabric Acoustic Panels

Sound Values Back

Once the echoes began to fade away, what remained was greater clarity to the original sound, thanks to the Fabric Panel treatment. As a result, the Auditorium began to produce crisp harmonic musical tones and great clarity to the spoken word.  Echoes in the room were collapsing within the targeted 1.5 – 2.0 second time frame.   The background noise is gone.  The Auditorium is now a more user-friendly space and able to host a variety of school functions, plays, classes, guest speakers, and musicals.

acoustic treatment for echo in auditorium

Step #1:  Room Analysis

Our popular Room Analysis is complimentary. This innovative tool is designed to define the framework for Auditorium sound panel treatment and quote the project back for approval.

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Your Room Analysis

NetWell’s Room Analysis Worksheet is designed to help equip you with the numbers you need to carry our conversation forward and deliver the sound values back that you are seeking. The size, shape and surface textures of your space will help our team define our strategy and build the framework for your upcoming treatment.