Great Room Acoustics

Great rooms inside luxury residential homes are the standard in today’s housing industry. Wide open spaces connecting common living areas into a single space, while looks great, can sound awful. Thus was the case with a customer of Corbet Construction. The echoes inside the home would carry for extended periods of time, causing blurred sound signals and discomfort within a home designed for premium comfort.

residential noise control with ceiling mounted sound panels

Echo Control

Putting sound panels inside a home is not always the most popular option for combating excessive noise levels. Sound panels can corrupt the look and design of the living space, unless you are Corbet Construction. What they chose to do was build out a beam structure in the ceiling of a great room, recessing the NetWell Fabric Panels into place, and placing moldings around the perimeter to trim off each inset panel.

sound panels recessed into ceiling for soundproofing a room

Featured Product

Fabric Panels are cloth wrapped compressed fiberglass acoustic panels that we cut to size and wrap to the color of your choice. Their edges are resin dipped to make them crush proof, and clip systems are included with your order to help secure them to your perimeter wall or ceiling surface. Fabric Panels are decorative, durable, portable, easy to self-install, Class A fire rated, and our number one selling sound panel system for most any commercial space.

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Sound Absorbing Fabric Acoustic Panels

Sound Values Back

The result was a stunning visual presentation of the NetWell Fabric Panels to the great room, and an equally stunning collapse in the reverberations within the space. As a result of the NetWell panels, echoes collapsed back to acceptable levels, the room was restored to premium sound quality. Thank you to Corbett Construction for their creative answer to a common residential noise issue!

great room acoustics for residential soundproofing with ceiling mounted sound panels

I am just about done installing your Fabric Panels. They work great. The Huckins family has not yet seen them, but I told them they were working great. I’ll send pictures when I’m through. Thank you NetWell Noise Control for resolving their echo issues!

Chris Corbett
Corbett Construction

Step #1:  Room Analysis

Our popular Room Analysis is complimentary. This innovative tool helps to build the framework for your upcoming sound panel treatment and quote your project back to you.

Room Analysis Quote

Your Room Analysis

The success of your soundproofing treatment depends on making sure you get the right amount of sound panel introduced into your room.   Use this tool to submit your room size and we will quote back that correct amount of panel.   The big mistake is if we under treat the project and throw too much echo back into the room.