The Natatorium at Daytona State College is like all indoor swimming pools:  built with hard reflective surfaces that repel moisture.  But what comes with these hard surfaces, is a lot of unwelcome echo.   The room quickly fills with unwelcome background noise that causes discomfort during swim meets, swimming lessons, class sessions and training practices.   Daytona reached out to Netwell for help in solving their acoustic issue.

aquatic center with soundproofing acoustic baffles

The Treatment

The goal in sound proofing this room is to install waterproof sound panels or baffles, wall or ceiling mounted, that can absorb the sound reflections in the room. The VET Baffles shown here are fire rated and waterproof, easy to hang, lightweight, and can absorb enough echo in the room to collapse the reverberation times down to under two seconds. This is the level of acceptable echo to human ear, as we teach in our Academy. Installation of the VET Baffles depends on the unique starting point per application. In this case, the client had scaffolding set up, so the install was easy over the center of the pool. In other cases, our clients hang cable over the pool with the baffles pre-attached.

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Product Feature

Vet Baffles are class A fire rated, moisture proof, sound panels that capture unwelcome sound wave reflections that cause excessive noise levels in any Natatorium environment.   Once the baffles were installed at Daytona State College, their acoustic issues were resolved.

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sound baffles in a loud swimming pool room controlling noise


Following the installation of the proper quantity of VET Baffles (check with our help desk for quantities required based on room size), the echoes in this natatorium collapsed to under 2.0 seconds worth of sound reflection. As a result, the environment was more suitable for teaching, and more comfortable for the students, swimmers and audience during swim meets. For more information on how NetWell can help resolve your soundproofing problem, contact our help desk at 1-800-638-9355!

Thank you NetWell for solving our noise issues in our swimming pool! The noise has dropped dramatically thanks to your sound panels, we appreciate the support, the guidance and the sound values your product has produced for our college!

Facilities Director
Daytona State College

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