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The Eureka Pentecostal Church is located in Arcate, CA.  Music Director Greg Frost reaches out to NetWell Noise Control for help in resolving the acoustic issues they were experiencing in their sanctuary.   The echoes that were carrying throughout the space were distorting original sound signals, making the music sound blurred and the recognition to speech and the spoken word was strained.

premium sound quality in a sanctuary with sound panels that soundproof the room

The Treatment

NetWell introduced Eureka to the concept of placing a custom set of sound panels into the room to deaden the echoes and deliver back premium sound quality.  Greg Frost spearheaded the project at Eureka, working back through NetWell to devise a plan for placing NetWell’s acoustic Fabric Panels in the sanctuary.   NetWell ran its Room Analysis for Greg, producing the target square foot totals the room was demanding.  In turn, Greg built back for NetWell a materials list of panels, their color, and their size for placement throughout the room.

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sound panels in sanctuary improves sound quality

Featured Product

Fabric Panels are class A fire rated sound panels that cut to the cavity size and color of your choice.  For this particular project, the client actually ordered their swatch colors first, made their selection, and then painted their entire sanctuary to match.   These decorative sound panels captured the unwanted reverb in the sanctuary, delivering back premium sound quality for their congregation to enjoy.

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Sound Absorbing Fabric Acoustic Panels


As a result of the installation of the Fabric Panels, Eureka the Pentecostal Church today reaps the rewards of the efforts of Greg Frost.  The NetWell Fabric Panels look beautiful, the sounds in the sanctuary are premium quality, and the spoken word is clearly understood.  The value back that Eureka received lies in direct proportion to the level of effort that Greg and his team extended as NetWell worked to resolve their noise issues.

sanctuary acoustics improve with wall mounted acoustic panels

“A big thanks to NetWell Noise Control for all of their assistance in helping us do this right.  The sound panels performed as promised.  They look great, the room sounds great, and our congregation thanks you!”

Greg Frost
Eureka the Pentecostal Church

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house of worship sound control with acoustic panels sanctuary wall mounted sound panels controlling reverb in a sanctuary to deliver premium sound quality quality sanctuary sound produced with acoustic sound panels sound panels control reverberations in a church sanctuary

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Our popular Room Analysis is complimentary. This innovative tool is designed to define the framework for your acoustical treatment (your baffle count) and quote your project.

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Use this tool to feed us your room size.   From there we will calculate the right amount of sound panel that your room should be receiving.   We want to insure that you are introducing the appropriate amount of acoustic panel into the room.  We will then quote your numbers back to you.