Floor Soundproofing

Fairfax Circle Villa Apartments is a 200 unit apartment complex in Fairfax, VA. The three-story building presented a common noise issue in a multi-dwelling unit, which is the issue of foot noise traveling down through common floor/ceiling assembly’s, producing unhappy neighbors, and unhappy tenants. Max Borgess, owner of the apartment complex, contacted NetWell Noise Control for guidance and advice on what his options were for deadening the sound bleeding to apartments sharing the common surface.

trimming Floor fighter for combating foot noise to soundproof a floor

The Treatment

NetWell introduced Max to a product called FloorFighter. This is a 6 mm thick membrane that is designed to lay under carpet, laminate flooring, or most any surface where foot noise can be heard down below. The Floorfighter was shipped to Fairfax to test in a single unit. Following the completion of the test, the treatment exceeded expectations and the decision was made to treat all 200 units.

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combat foot noise with soundproofing floor underlayment

Featured Product

FloorFighter is a rubber-based floor underlayment made from recycled rubber tires. It is designed for subfloor use under laminate or engineered hardwood floors, ceramic tile, marble, carpet, linoleum or most any other finished flooring surface.  FloorFighter is a free floating floor underlay that can also be used directly beneath a carpet pad and carpet for combatting sound transmission down through a common floor/ceiling assembly system.

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Floor soundproofing with Floorfighter underlay

Sound Values Back

FloorFigher is shipped in 4’x25′ rolls. As tenants moved in/out of the Fairfax Circle Villa Apartments, Max would stay ahead of the transition and order bulk rolls of FloorFighter. Over a period of 2 years, every room in the complex had been successfully treated for sound bleed.  Today, tenants are happy and living in the privacy of their own homes, minus the footsteps from up above.

soundproof a floor with floor underlayment

Thank you NetWell Noise Control for resolving our noise issues. Your underlayment has succeeded in solving our common floor/ceiling assembly noise. Our tenants are pleased and so am I.

Max Borgess
Fairfax Circle Villa Apartments

How Many Rolls?

Use our Room Analysis tool to submit your room’s dimensions, and we will quote your FloorFighter project back.

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Use this tool to submit your room size, and we will quote back your FloorFighter project.   The rolls will ship in 4’x25′ dimensions that measure .25″ thick.