Classroom Noise

Julie Cash teaches 2nd grade at George Washington Elementary School. She was experiencing unwelcome noise issues inside her classroom which were threatening the learning environment for the kids and her ability to effectively communicate with them. Julie sent surfing online, discovered NetWell Noise Control and called for help. After feeding the room’s dimensions to NetWell, a set of Ceiling Clouds were quoted to Julie for the acoustic treatment of her space. The goal was to remove as much of the echo as possible, restoring the room to premium sound quality.

classroom noise control with acoustic ceiling clouds

Premium Sound in School

Ceiling Clouds are a popular method for introducing sound absorbing panels into a classroom setting. Why? Because the treatment stays up and out of the way of the sticky fingers of the kids. Durability of the panels.  Ceiling Clouds simply “float” out over the top of the room, capturing the unwanted echoes in the space, delivering back premium sound quality and a healthier learning environment for the kids.

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improve classroom acoustics with sound panels to control noise

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Ceiling Clouds are cloth wrapped compressed fiberglass acoustic panels that float from the ceiling rather than flush mount to a surface. By floating the panels, our clients are able to first, leave their walls as they are, and second, expose the backside of the Ceiling Clouds to more air to heighten the panel’s ability to capture and convert more echo from a space. A popular item for noise infested rooms where available wall space is limited or the client has the preference to treat the ceiling to sound proofing rather than the perimeter walls. The key to the success of a Ceiling Cloud treatment is to ensure that the right amount of material is introduced into the room based on the room’s size, shape and surface textures.

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ceiling tiles capture and convert echoes in classroom


Once the Ceiling Clouds were installed into the room, the echoes began to drop dramatically. Up to 80% elimination of background noise meant that greater clarity to original sound was being restored to the room. Less crowd noise with the kids, but more importantly, greater clarity to communication. Teacher and student alike were both pleased with the results.

sound panels float in classroom to control excessive noise levels

I am writing to tell you how thrilled I am with the Ceiling Cloud panels that were recently installed in my classroom.

Prior to having the panels installed, I had a very serious noise problem in my elementary classroom. Voices in the classroom seemed to echo and travel across the room, while it was extremely difficult to hear what the person sitting right next to me was saying. I thought I had developed a serious hearing problem, it was so bad!

The Ceiling Cloud Panels you recommended have solved the problem! Now we can have class discussions and hear what each child is saying, there is no echo, and quiet conversations are no longer a challenge.


Julie Cash
George Washington Elementary School

Step #1:  Room Analysis

Our popular Room Analysis tool is designed to help define your upcoming sound panel treatment and deliver back your quote.

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Room Analysis

The sound values met are determined first by the size of your space.   From there we calculate the correct amount of acoustical panels for your project.  Use this tool to submit your dimensions and we will quote your application back.