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Kelly Seibel with Image Technology Services in Steamboat Springs, CO designs high end custom Home Theater systems for his clients. Kelly reached out to NetWell Noise Control for help in designing a new custom home theater for one of his customers.

Home Theater sound quality improves with acoustic Fabric Panels to control echo

The Treatment

NetWell Noise Control introduces Kelly to the 2″ thick acoustic Fabric Panels that can be custom sized to recess into the cavity spaces that Kelly was building around the perimeter of this high end Home Theater setting. Kelly knew about sound panels, he was familiar with the panels, and of their performance values. Kelly worked with NetWell to build back for us a materials list of panels that he would recess into place and build moldings around them.

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soundproofing panels improve room acoustics in Home Theater

Featured Product

Fabric Panels are cloth wrapped sound boards designed to capture and convert the unwelcome sound reverberations that stem from high end audio systems in home theater environments.   The panels are 2″ thick, custom cut to panel dimension and color, and shipped with a clip system that makes self installation super easy.

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premium sound quality in home theater with soundproofing panels


As a result of the Fabric Panel installation, the reverberations within the space were under control. The home movie environment was enriched with the customer’s ability to raise the volume without distortion due to the control of the low base reverberations. The Fabric Panels performed to task.

home theater sound panels control low base reverberation

“I thank you, and my customer thanks you, NetWell Noise Control. Your Fabric Panels are rich in appearance and equally rich in their ability to produce premium sound quality within this home theater environment. Thanks again!”

Kelly Seibel
Image Technology Services

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