Restaurant Noise

Restaurant noise is a common problem spread throughout the hospitality industry. Loud noise in a restaurant will drive repeat customers away. One needs to look no further than the prestigious Monterrey Peninsula Golf and Country Club, where every February they play host to the Pebble Beach Golf Tournament. The noise inside the restaurant space became so deafening, that the owners decided to protect their customers and reach out to NetWell Noise Control for help.

restaurant soundproofing with sound panels that retrofit to a ceiling

Premium Sound

After a careful Room Analysis of the space, a set of acoustic Fabric Panels were targeted for placement into the restaurant.  NetWell worked to custom cut the sound panels to size and color, which allowed the client to recess the panel systems into their ceiling, leaving their perimeter window walls as they are. The treatment was designed to preserve the stunning beauty of Pebble Beach out their windows, while resolving the unwelcome noise levels inside the restaurant.

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Soundproof Glue On Ceiling Tiles

Featured Product

Fabric Panels are cloth wrapped compressed fiberglass acoustic panels that we cut to size and wrap to the color of your choice. Their edges are resin dipped to make them crush proof, and clip systems are included with your order to help secure them to your perimeter wall or ceiling surface. These Fabric Panels are decorative, durable, portable, easy to self-install, Class A fire rated, and our number one selling sound panel system for most any commercial space.

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Sound Absorbing Fabric Acoustic Panels

Sound Values Reached

Once the NetWel Fabric Panels were recessed into the ceiling, the echoes began to drop, as clarity to conversations was restored. As a result, guests were able to dine in comfort, with a minimal strain in conversation, and enjoy the perimeter views outside their windows.


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“Thank you NetWell Noise Control!  Your Fabric Panels look beautiful and sound great.  They worked to make our space more comfortable, so thanks again and I will take some pictures and send them your way.”

Seth Eddy, Assistant Facilities Manger
Monterey Golf and Country Club

Step #1:  Room Analysis

The first step in your journey to soundproof your space is to feed us your room’s dimensions using our popular Room Analysis tool.   From there, we will define the scope of your project and quote it back for your approval.

Room Analysis Quote

Your Room Analysis

NetWell’s Room Analysis Worksheet is designed to help equip you with the numbers you need to carry our conversation forward and deliver the sound values back that you are seeking. The size, shape and surface textures of your space will help our team define our strategy and build the framework for your upcoming treatment.