One Loud Gym

Frank Buckley is the CEO of the Newton YMCA in Newton, IA.  Frank reached out to NetWell Noise Control seeking help with resolving the noise issues in their gymnasium.  The sound wave reflections in the room were making it difficult for hosting events, the noise was unbearable, and Frank was tasked with resolving the problem, and making their space more user-friendly.

Gym Noise Reduction using Ceiling Baffles to Control Echoes

The VET Baffles

Unless a gymnasium is properly treated for echo control, the gym will be loud and less user-friendly than it should be.  By placing a set of sound panels into a gym, the noise will collapse back as sound waves get caught and converted out of the room. NetWell introduced Frank to the VET Baffles.  These are sound baffles that hang vertically tucked up between the exposed metal joists in his metal deck.  A Room Analysis was performed for Frank based on gym size, to determine the quantities required to produce the sound values Frank was needing for his space.

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Acoustic Baffles and Hanging Sound Baffles in a Gymnasium

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VET Baffles are class A fire rated, waterproof, easy to self install, and are available in 25 different colors.   We place grommets in the top two corners, the client will thread their own wire or plastic zip ties through the grommets, and go about free hanging them in rows and columns spread out across the expanse of the gym.  The key to the success of the soundproofing treatment is to ensure that you are introducing the right amount of baffle based on room size.   For that, we offer our free Room Analysis tool, see below.

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red sound baffle for controlling noise in dog kennels


As a result of the treatment, the VET Baffles combined to capture and convert up to 80% of the unwanted echoes in a gym.  As the background noise collapsed back, greater clarity to original sound was restored, delivering premium sound quality to the Newton YMCA gym.  The baffles are easily suspended up between the joists, they are Class A fire rated, waterproof and available in 25 colors.

gym sound baffles controlling excessive noise in a gym

“Thank you to NetWell Noise Control for resolving the noise issues we were experiencing in our gym.   The VET Baffles work great, as promised, to capture the noise and soften the acoustics within the space.  Our Gym is now much more user-friendly thanks for your services.”

Frank Buckley
Newton YMCA

Free Room Analysis

Discover the number of VET Baffles needed for your space using this free Room Analysis tool.   You submit your room’s dimensions, and we’ll submit back your baffle count and quote.

Room Analysis Quote

Your Room Analysis

This tool will allow you to submit your room size to our estimators, who in turn will quote back the appropriate amount of acoustic panel for your space.   The goal is to make sure we are not under treating the room and leaving too much echo following the treatment.