Isolating Mechanical Noise

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory based in Oak Ridge Tennessee had four separate pump rooms that were bleeding noise into adjoining offices locations. They contacted NetWell Noise Control for help in isolating the noise to create a more productive work environment for their employees who shared common wall assembly space. The goal was to both “block” the noise from escaping the room as well as “absorb” the echoes to reduce exposure to employees operating the pumps inside the room.

Sound Barrier Blanket

The Treatment

NetWell introduced Project Engineer Larry Allard with ORNL to a set of sound barrier blankets called “QBS Blankets”. These noise control curtains can be cut to match the profile of surrounding perimeter walls or frames built around a stationary noise source such a pump. The blankets are durable, class A fire rated, easy to self install, and work to combat up to 90% of the bleed of noise out of the room. Larry worked with NetWell to supply perimeter wall dimensions, and NetWell in turn, created a custom set of QBS Blankets to retrofit to the perimeter walls inside the pump room.

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QBS Blankets are class A fire rated sound barrier blankets that custom cut to match the cavity size of your perimeter walls or a framing system built around your stationary noise source.   These noise control curtains can trigger average 15-20 dB drops.

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Sound Deadening Blanket Application


As a result of the QBS blanket treatment, ORNL experienced an 18 Decibel level drop in exposure levels from inside the room to out. The blankets combined to now only combat the bleed of noise out of the room, but also serve to absorb up to 75% of the unwanted sound reflections back inside of the room…making the pump room itself less loud.

QBS sound barrier blankets by NetWell Noise Control

“Thank you NetWell Noise Control for resolving our noise issues. The blankets you suggested worked great to isolate our pump room and protect the adjoining space. The treatment worked so well we replicated the same for our other 3 pump rooms. Thank you again for all your help in solving our noise problem”.

Larry Allard
Oak Ridge National Lab

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