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Terry Riney of Riney Insurance Agency in Pinehurst, NC discovered NetWell Noise Control online and called for help. Their conference room setting in their office location was filled with hard reflective surfaces that were causing blurred sound signals and lack of clarity in communication. Terry asked if NetWell could help resolve his noise issues, and produce a more worker-friendly environment for himself, his employees and his clients.

ceiling sound panels improve sound quality in loud office space

Lowering Echoes

Terry had placed great care in the look and feel of the design to his office space and was concerned about the visual appeal of a set of sound panels. NetWell recommended based on room dimensions and the lack of available wall space, that the Fabric Panels be introduced into the Conference Room, and “float” off the ceiling as a Ceiling Cloud. A room analysis was performed on the space to target square foot coverage, and a set of Clouds were produced and shipped for Terry for self-installation into the ceiling of his space.

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acoustic panels control excessive noise levels in loud conference room

Featured Product

Ceiling Clouds are cloth wrapped compressed fiberglass acoustic panels that float from the ceiling rather than flush mount to a surface. By floating the panels, our clients are able to first, leave their walls as they are, and second, expose the backside of the Ceiling Clouds to more air to heighten the panel’s ability to capture and convert more echo from a space. A popular item for noise infested rooms where available wall space is limited or the client has the preference to treat the ceiling to sound proofing rather than the perimeter walls.

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Acoustic Ceiling Clouds to Absorb Noise and Soundproof Ceilings

Sound Values Back

As a result of the Ceiling Cloud installation, the room maintained its visual appeal and produced new sound absorption coefficients that effectively captured up to 80% of the unwanted echoes in the room. As a result, greater clarity to original sound was restored, the Conference Room now holds premium acoustic values for Terry, his employees, and his clients. The panels worked so well that the rest of Terry’s office space received the same follow-up treatment.

office noise control with ceiling mounted acoustic panels in a hallway

Thank you to the staff at NetWell Noise Control. Your sound panels performed as advertised, we now enjoy premium sound quality within our work environment. Thank you for your help!

Terry Riney
Riney Insurance

Free Room Analysis

Our popular Room Analysis is complimentary.  Use this tool to submit the dimensions of your space and we will design the framework for your treatment and quote back your sound panel project.

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Your Room Analysis

NetWell’s Room Analysis Worksheet is designed to help equip you with the numbers you need to carry our conversation forward and deliver the sound values back that you are seeking. The size, shape and surface textures of your space will help our team define our strategy and build the framework for your upcoming treatment.