Sanctuary Sound

The Life Church is an evangelical worship center based in Dallas, TX. Their services are filled with contemporary sounds, mixed in with the spoken word. High levels of reverberation carried throughout their sanctuary, distorting sound signals and making it difficult for the congregation to understand the spoken word.

cloth wrapped Fabric Panels for controlling echoes in a sanctuary

The Treatment

NetWell Noise Control was contacted by members of the church for help solving their noise issues. A series of Fabric Panels were targeted for the space, designed to capture the unwanted sound wave reflections. In turn, greater clarity would be delivered back to the room, eliminating blurred sound signals, and restoring the room to premium sound quality.

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acoustics in a sanctuary enhanced with sound panels mounted on perimeter walls

Products Used

Fabric Panels are acoustic panels that capture and convert unwelcome sound wave reverberations from a Sanctuary.   The results target the reduction of background noise, while generating clarity to original sound.   Premium sound quality results as the spoken word is delivered with great clarity to every member of the seated congregation.

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Sound Absorbing Fabric Acoustic Panels


NetWell Noise Control teamed with the design firm LA Ink in Minneapolis to create the sound panel design shown here. The beauty of the panel placement and color choices was matched with the beauty of sound quality the panels delivered back to the space. Up to 80% of the echoes were captured and converted, delivering premium sound quality to the sanctuary.

multi colored sound panels for soundproofing a sanctuary

“Thanks to NetWell for the help in restoring our sanctuary to premium sound quality. The panels look great and sound even better. Our congregation thanks you for your insights, your guidance, the sound values you delivered to our space.”

Michael Strain
The Life Church

Free Room Analysis

Our popular Room Analysis is complimentary. This innovative tool helps us target the right amount of panel for your space based on room dimensions.   Use this tool to submit your room size, and we’ll quote your project back.

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Free Room Analysis

NetWell’s Room Analysis Worksheet is designed to help equip you with the numbers you need to carry our conversation forward and deliver the sound values back that you are seeking. The size, shape and surface textures of your space will help our team define our strategy and build the framework for your upcoming treatment.