Conference Room Acoustics

TrueNorth Companies is a financial services firm based in Cedar Rapids, IA. Their conference room is used to host a variety of events designed to support the growth of the business. The unique shape of the room included a series of the non-parallel perimeter wall and ceiling surfaces that helped to scatter sound wave reflections, but not absorb them. As a result, the echoes in the room were causing unwelcome background noise, creating blurred sound signals, speech clarity problems, and a compromised work environment.

conference room in need of soundproofing with a set of acoustic panels by NetWell

Slowing the Echoes

Through the design firm of LA Ink based in Minneapolis, MN, NetWell Noise Control was contacted to help control the excessive noise issues that TrueNorth was experiencing in their conference room. The decision was made to target the two angled perimeter surfaces towards the front of the room with signature sound panels, custom designed to both capture / convert the echoes from the space, and also introduce a stunning graphic presentation to the room.

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imaged wrapped sound panels improve acoustics in a loud conference room

Designer Sound Panels

PicturePanels are sound panels that are wrapped in graphics, images, logos, fine art, vintage images, and more. The design options with these sound panel systems offer limitless beauty, combining to produce both a collapse in perimeter noise within a space, as well as a stunning visual presentation to the room. The PicturePanel systems can be wall or ceiling mounted, the imagery can print onto a single panel or carry across multiple panels to generate decorative murals that carry across the expanse of a wall or ceiling surface.

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conference room soundproofing with imaged wrapped designer sound panels

Premium Sound Quality

NetWell’s custom imaged sound panels were created to help solve TrueNorth’s acoustic issues. The PicturePanels combined to capture and convert the unwelcome noise from the space, delivering back greater clarity to original sound and a more favorable learning environment.  In addition to the sound values being met, TrueNorth opted to upgrade the visual presentation to the space by having NetWell wrap their sound panels in a stunning display of graphics, logos and images supplied by TrueNorth.   Thanks to design firm LA Ink of Mpls, MN.

custom imaged sound panels for soundproofing true north's conference room

Thank you to NetWell Noise Control and LA Ink for solving the noise problems in our conference room. The sound panels are beautiful, the noise in the room has subsided, and we thank you for creating a more user-friendly work environment for our employees and clients.

Dave Verhille
TrueNorth Companies

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