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Valencia Community College is located in Orlando, FL. They reached out to NetWell Noise Control seeking help in treating their new Drum Recording Studio. Their goal was to isolate the noise to within the Drum Room, and also provide for premium sound quality for recording purposes.

broadcast and recording studio soundproofing with Pyramid foam panels

Pyramid Panels

The unwanted sound reverberations that stem from drums include low bass tones and harsh impact sounds. Covering the walls of both the recording and control rooms with 3″ thick Pyramid foam panels served to absorb up to 85% of the unwanted sound reflections in the room. This delivered crisp clarity to the original sound and a harmonic blend of mild reverberations for maximum recording quality.

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Pyramid Panels

Pyramids Plus are 2’x2′ square foam panels made of Class A fire rated melamine foam. The panels are available in 2″, 3″ or 4″ thickness. The thicker the panel, the better your performance values at the low base frequency levels. Ideal for controlling noise in schools, music rooms, churches, recording studios, and factories with high heat or open flame noise sources. The panels have the Pyramid bevel in their design, which generates a seamless appearance as they are applied to your perimeter wall or ceiling surfaces.

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Pyramid Acoustic Foam Panels Made of Melamine Foam for Soundproofing

Sound Results

A recording studio inside a school requires the use of class A fire rated materials. After consulting with Valencia Community College, NetWell recommended the installation of the 3″ thick Pyramids Foam Panels for maximum sound abatement in the room. These 2’x2′ panels are made from Class A fire rated melamine foam. The panels adhered to 100% of the available surfaces in both the Drum Recording Room and the Control Room.

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Thank you to NetWell Noise Control for helping us with the renovation of our recording studio. Our recording sessions are running smoothly, the quality we are producing is a direct result of the performance of your sound panels. Thank you!

Valencia Community College

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