Gym Soundproofing

The Wasatch Elementary School in Provo, UT had a loud gym space. Head of the PTO, Julie Winegar, sources NetWell Noise Control online and calls for help. Julie explains that the room is too loud, that it is difficult for the kids and the teachers to communicate, and that she has been tasked to help find the resolution to the noise.

soundproofing a gymnasium with acoustic baffles

The Treatment

NetWell Noise Control performs a Room Analysis of the gym, and introduces Wasatch to the VET Baffle. VET Baffles are sound absorbing panels that can be tucked up inside the exposed joists supporting an open truss metal deck, as shown here in these pictures. The key to the success of the treatment lies in getting the count correct, ensuring that we do not under treat the space. For this room, based on its size, that count was a lot set of 220 VET Baffles.

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sound baffles control echo levels in loud gym space

Featured Product

The acoustic VET Baffle is our top selling sound panel.   These lightweight sound panels are designed to supsend vertically from your ceiling to absorb the unwelcome echoes in a gym, delivering back premium sound quality by lowering the background noise and delivering greater clarity to original sound.  Lower crowd noise.  Better gym class.  More user friendly space.

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red sound baffle for controlling noise in dog kennels


As a result of the sound panel treatment, the echoes in the room began to collapse back, restoring the room to more premium quality sound. As background noise drops, greater clarity to original sound is restored, the crowd noise drops, and the kids no longer need to raise their voices over loud spikes in the decibel levels. The Wasatch gymnasium is now far more user friendly, and able to host a variety of functions and events in the space.

premium sound quality in a gym with acoustic baffles in metal deck

“Thank you to NetWell Noise Control for your assistance in putting together our VET Baffle program. Our gym sounds a whole lot better thanks to your treatment, and we thank you for resolving our problem.”

Julie Winegar
Wasatch Elementary

Free Room Analysis

Our popular Room Analysis is complimentary. This innovative tool is designed to define the framework for your gym panel treatment and quote the project back for your approval.

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Soundproofing your space requires accurate coverage amounts of our acoustic panel systems.   Use this tool to tell us how big your room is so that we can accurately quote your project back.  Questions?  Call to 1-800-638-9355.