Indoor Gun Range

Bud Shaver, Chief of Police for the West St. Paul Police Department contacted NetWell Noise Control for help in resolving the noise exposure levels in their gun range. With hearing protection mandatory within the indoor range, the noise levels were still too strong, reaching dB readings of 120 at impact. Bud Shaver discovered NetWell Noise Control online and called for help in retrofitting three of his indoor ranges for noise control.

indoor gun range soundproofing with acoustic foam panels

The Treatment

Acoustic foam panels are the ideal treatment for absorbing noise within an indoor gun range. Care should be given in the selection of the foam, as well as the thickness of the panel and the quantity of panels installed into the space. If the space is under-treated, or the panels too thin, the sound values back will be compromised. NetWell performed a Room Analysis of the three ranges for Bud Shaver, and calculated the totals to be installed into each of the spaces. The goal was to capture the impact sounds of the gun blast, converting the energy from the space, to create a more friendly gun range for the officers.

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gun range soundproofing with acoustic foam panels

Featured Product

FireFlex is a class A fire rated sound panel made from melamine foam.   The panels are cut into 2’x4′ dimensions that measure 3″ thick, and were shipped to the job site.   The panels were evenly placed down both sides of the gun range as well as the ceiling over head to curb excessive exposure levels to gun blast noise.

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fireflex is class A fire rated acoustic foam for soundproofing


NetWell introduced a set of 3″ thick FireFlex Foam Panels into the three ranges. The 3″ thick panel carries nearly twice the absorption coefficient over the 2″ thick panel, and the melamine foam version is class A fire rated and approved for use in commercial settings. Each panel measures 2’x4′, each room was to receive 100 panels to deliver back the sound values the client was seeking. The panels were glued to the side walls down the tunnel, along with back wall behind the shooting line, as well as the ceiling overhead.

indoor gun range tunnel is soundproofed with acoustic foam panels

Thank you for your help with our noise control project. The panels are up and work great. We appreciate your guidance throughout our project and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Chief Bud Shaver
West St. Paul Police Department
West St. Paul, MN

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