Private Music Rooms

West Virginia Wesleyan College is a private liberal arts college located in Buckhannon, West Virginia. Their music building underwent a major renovation in 2016. There was a series of small music practice rooms in the basement of the building, where students would practice their music. One long hallway leads to 9 rooms on one side, and 9 on the other. As the students practice their music, the noise was bleeding from room to room through the common surfaces. The College reached out to NetWell Noise Control for help, through their contractor on the job Danhill Construction.

music rooms treated for sound isolation

The Treatment

NetWell studied the layout of the space and through contractor Danhill Construction, introduced the concept of lining the common walls in each music room with a set of sound panels that would combine to both “block” the noise bleed through the walls, and “absorb” the echoes bouncing back off the walls. The combination of containing the noise and reducing the pressure within the room would produce premium sound values within the space, and make for a more effective rehearsal environment. A test was performed in (1) of the rooms, the results were as advertised, and the college made the decision to treat the remaining rooms with the panels. The panels are called FabricBloc Panels.

See FabicBloc Panels
common wall sound bleed with purple sound panels

Featured Product

FabricBloc Panels are custom cut to match the cavity size of your wall.   The panels are 2″ thick and are embedded with the sound barrier dB-Bloc.   Wrapped in 60 different cloth colors of your choice, these sound panels combine to both “block” noise bleeding through the walls as well as “absorb” the echoes reflecting back off the walls.   Ideal for adjoining music practice rooms.

See FabricBloc Panels
FabricBloc panels block sound bleed and absorb echo


As a result of the treatment, up to 80% of the noise bleeding from music room to music room was eliminated. There was also a new premium sound quality produced within each room, delivering greater clarity to the tones of each musical instrument. The FabricBloc panels added a beautiful decorative touch to the visual appearance of each space, as well as the sound values that WVW College was hoping for.

common wall sound treatment before and after

Good news! It appears that the college really likes the way the product is working for their music hall. They have asked us to provide pricing to do the remaining 11 rooms.

Justin Dozier
Danhill Construction