Are You an “Invite-to-Like” Member?
With Your Own Noise Issues?

Our “Invite-to-Like” Facebook campaigns are built on the premise that our commercial clients suffer from poor room acoustics and limited budgets. It is to their membership organizations, inside churches, schools and the like, that we target our Invite-to-Like campaigns.  The program is designed to help absorb some of the project cost, and deliver back premium sound quality.  In turn, the program also helps NetWell build our presence on social media, spreading the news of our sound panel treatments.  The formula is simple:  300 Likes on our Facebook page buys our clients a 20% break in their price.

As our Invite-to-Like campaigns unfold, it is often the case where audience members of our client base will discover NetWell, and have noise issues of their own.   Referrals are a big part of how we continue to spread our noise control treatments.  If you have a noise issue and need help, it’s what we do.  Give us a call at 1-800-638-9355.

Two things to note.   First, we do not treat residential noise issues that stem from barking dogs, loud trains, airplane traffic, street traffic, snoring, great room echoes or noisy neighbors.   Those treatments exist, but outside of what we do.   We are more geared to removing echoes from commercial spaces.  Second, for those treatments that are appropriate for NetWell, our clients start with completing a simple form, submitting in the issues you are experiencing, along with room dimensions.  From there, we will draw a Room Analysis off your submission, reach back wtih the framework for your soundproofing treatment, and produce your quote.  To take that step, with no obligation, simply click this button, complete the form and submit back.

But please note!

Our Invite-to-Like Campaigns target commercial spaces only.   The offer does not extend to all treatments, but does extend to treating gymnasiums, fellowship halls, sanctuaries, restaurants, auditoriums, mulitpuporse rooms, cafeterias, large open office spaces, and the like.

Also note that the discounts offered through our Invite-to-Like Campaigns are geared for membership organizations who can offer 300+ Facebook Likes in return for their discount.   Churches, Schools, Organizations, and the like are perfect candidates.

Finally, if your noise issues are unrelated to these commercial treatments, and are non-residential, chances are good we can still help!

Questions?  Feel free to call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355.

Thank you!