Sound Diffusion

Sound Diffusion is described as the process of scattering sound reflections into multiple directions to break up the energy path of a sound wave.    The purpose for this treatment is to even-out the “live” and “dead” spots in a room where standard reflecting waves would otherwise continue to reflect upon their same paths.   Diffusion helps disperse sound energy out over a greater area.    This phenomena is often the case in a room filled with 3 parallel surfaces, and helps explain why Auditoriums are typically fan shaped with reclining floors and domed roofs.   The more varied the directions of the surfaces in a room, the easier it is to disperse sound waves more evenly.    Unfortunately, it is often a cost saving measure to construct a rectangular shaped room, which yields imbalance in the dispersion of sound, and commands the need for Diffusion panels.

Sound Diffusion panels are typically made into Barrel of Pyramidical shaped panels that are wall or ceiling mounted in a room to help increase the scattering effect of a sound wave.    The products featured in our Product Guide present these options for your review along with a variety of wood and cloth wrapped diffusion panels.    The art of soundproofing any squared off room will be based on balancing a combination of absorption and diffusion panels.

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