Acoustics in Your House Of Worship

NetWell’s line of acoustical products are designed to make your House of Worship more user friendly for your congregation.   Producing premium sound quality with our sound and fabric wall panels for churches is a must for understanding the spoken word, for sharing fellowship over coffee, for classroom education, for ease in communication, and an overall feeling of comfort within your House of Worship.   We look forward to producing the sound values you are seeking, and it is those same values we have been delivering to the field of worship now for more than 25 years.  We welcome you to our soundproofing family.

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Clarity to the Spoken Word

Your congregation relies on premium sound quality in your House of Worship.   If your sanctuary is an echo chamber, background noise will blur sound signals and compromise their worship experience.   Care needs to be given to produce a more user friendly space.  Welcome to NetWell Noise Control.  Our soundproofing panels will solve your noise issues and deliver a more acoustic friendly worship space for your congregation to enjoy.

Traditional or Contemporary

From pipe organs to choirs to contemporary services with drums and base guitars, the musical harmonies in your House of Worship command control over the audio presentation to your congregation.   Sound panels will combine to reduce the unwelcome reverberations in your space, and deliver the sound values you are seeking.

Ease in Communication

From fellowship halls to sunday school classrooms, gymnasiums to bible study, controlling unwelcome noise levels inside your space will enhance the user friendliness of your room.   We will work closely with you to define your upcoming soundproofing treatment and quote your project back.   With more than 20,000 clients served, we welcome the opportunity to replicate for you what all who came before you now enjoy:  a more user friendly space.