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SoundProofing consoling and adviceOur mission at NetWell Noise Control is to make your space sound better.   We provide free soundproofing consutling services designed around the full array of acoustical sound panels and related soundproofing products you will discover right here on our website.   With more than 25 years of industry experience, and more than 15,000 client spaces that we have succeeded in soundproofing, we welcome the opportunity to replicate for you what we know has worked for countless others before you.

We start with the advice, then package the framework for your treatment around your budget, and deliver the most cost effective soundproofing products on the market to your door step.   There are steps you can take to save money on your treatment, including tapping the free consulting we provide upfront, and the ease with which our sound panels and related acoustical materials can be self installed.   We have just one request to get started, and that's asking that you simply call us for help.   With just a five minute phone conversation, you will recognize we know our stuff, and will welcome the opportunity to deliver the value you are seeking. 


Yes!  Our customers experience up to a 90% collapse in their noise.  You can to!


Sound Panels Designed to Curb Excessive Noise Levels

cloth wrapped sound boards that absorb echo, reduce noise, and restore a room to premium sound qualityWhile today's product mix at NetWell Noise Control spans across hundreds of soundproofing product options that tailor around thousands of various acoustic treatment options, our core sound panel system centers around our acoustical Fabric Panels.  These are cloth wrapped sound boards that absorb echo, reduce noise, and restore a room to premium sound quality.   They are class A fire rated, portable, durable, custom cut to any size, easy to self-install, and available in 60 color options.   Click Here to see Fabric Panels.

As an option, our clients can choose to upgrade their acoustic panels to a Designer Sound Panel system.   Here, we will work with you to wrap your sound panels in graphics, logos, artwork, photography, digital imagery, color paint matching and more.  The options become limitless in how the panels are presented visually to your space.   Click here to see PicturePanels.

A Favorite Soundproofing Testimonial.....

Dear NetWell,

Color coding soundproofing panels"I want to express my thanks to you for your expertise and guidance.  For years I have dreamed of sound insulating the professional music teaching and practice studio located in my home.  When the opportunity presented itself this past year I had no known resource for counsel.  A web search brought me to the NetWell site which was impressive in its clarity and gave me a sense of confidence that my goal could be achieved.

Our first telephone conversation was enlightening.  I felt that I understood the principles that could be used to transform my studio, a two step process of using dB-Bloc and separation, and then acoustic Fabric Panels to manage the vibrations captured in the room.  The results have been outstanding, both in effectiveness and appearance.

My music studio doubles as a Pilates instruction studio.  I can now teach both music and Pilates without concern for disturbing the rest of the household.  I am a jazz trumpet player, it is essential that I practice without "holding back".  The sound insulation works so well that my family reports it is as if I am playing outside the home at a distance, and I am able to practice at night without concern, a primary objective of the project.  The resonance and clarity in the room is totally satisfactory, and there is even a sense of quiet, peace and safety found when entering, a direct result of insulation from outside sound and noise.

Making such important decisions on the basis of a web search and phone conversations is a leap of faith to say the least.  Your promises, both on the web-site as well as those communicated directly, have been fulfilled.  Once again, thanks."

John Henry Goldlman, Professional Jazz Trumpet Player



Architectural Soundproofing Panels & Acoustic Panels

Soundproofing a RoomNetWell distinguishes between foam panels and archtiectural panels for design and fire code issues when soundproofing.   Cloth wrapped panels for wall or celing surface mounts, and decorative wall coverings are the ideal choice for combatting sound reflections in public venues.   From atriums to hospitals, fellowship halls to cafeterias, from classrooms to sanctuaries, NetWell's full line of architectural products will add a decorative design to your room and deliver the soundproofing values you are seeking.   Availalbe in multiple color options and a variety of installation methods, click here to discover this full line of colorful architectural sound panel options!

See Architectural Soundproofing & Acoustical Panels

Recent Soundproofing Services & Soundproofing Case Studies

Soundproofing a Public Space

Whether it's a residential, commercial, or industrial space, Netwell Noise Control can provide a soundproofing treatment that works. With years of practical, industry experience and access to a wide-variety of effective soundproofing panels and other solutions, we're sure to have a solution for your space.

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Self-Installation Saves Soundproofing Dollars

The bulk of the soundproofing treatments found here at are geared for self installation.   The goal is to cut both your noise and your costs.   You do not need to incur expensive onsite acoustical contractors to apply our products.   For more questions related to your soundproofing treatment and its installation, call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355.

Soundproofing a Room

Soundproofing Product of the Month:

VET Baffles

Sound baffles that vertically suspend between joists in an open truss metal roof deck system are there to absorb the echoes in the room.   By capturing the unwanted sound wave reflections, the background noise drops as clarity to original sound signals becomes more crisp.  This VET Baffle soundproofing treatment is ideal for controlling unwanted noise in gymnasiums, multipurpose rooms, cafeterias and more.   Call NetWell's help desk for a free room analysis of your facility!



How to Block Noise

Sound bleeding through a common wall is one of our most sought after soundproofing treatments.   The application should target a combination of adding density to your surface and disconnecting how it is framed.  The sketch here illustrates the simple layering technique that can be applied to any new build or finished wall surface.  This treatment will thicken your wall up by only 1.5", but can trigger up to a 90% collapse in sound bleed.

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