Soundproofing a Floor


Acoustic Challenge

Floor sound control is designed to prevent foot noise and other sounds in a room from transmitting down through the floor to the room below.  Floor soundproofing involves isolating the upper floor from the structural connection points supporting the ceiling down below.  Sound proof floors can be lined with floor underlayments, or with finished surfaces, the ceiling can be treated from down below.

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Soundproofing Treatment

Deadening noise that transmits through a common floor/ceiling assembly system is accomplished by either raising the floor up above or lowering the ceiling down below, lining with a soundproofing underlayment, and applying the finished surface to produce a sound proof floor.   This creates a disconnection that forces transmitting sound waves to collapse structurally and protects the adjoining space from noise.   

Here we discuss how to design a soundproof floor using FloorFighter acoustical floor underlayments.   Floor underlayment treatments target the reduction of foot noise and squeaking sound floors for stronger floor sound control.   You can also visit our  Ceilings section and discover the treatments applied from below.    Either acoustic underlayment application can deliver comparable results.  

Acoustic Results

The FloorFighter underlayment treatments for loud floors featured in our Product Bin can trigger dramatic results, delivering luxury grade sound protection for quiet floors, reaching potential IIC levels of 60+ as defined in our Academy.    Average 10-12 dB drops can be realized for sound proofing a floor.    Simulated results are broadcast in our Sound Chamber.    Results for soundproofing a floor will vary per treatment.


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As we outline in our Academy, noise travels structurally as well as by airborne paths.   The structure supporting your floor is more than likely connected to the structure supporting the ceiling down below.   To properly combat the bleed of foot noise and other sound sources upstairs from penetrating down through the floor, your goal would be to either raise your floor or lower the ceiling down below to create a structural break that will force the wave to collapse.    FloorFighter is designed to elevate your floor and insulate with density to decouple foot noise and combat both airborne and structureborne sound.  Alternative Ceiling treatments are popular for flooring surfaces that are already finished and unavailable for underlay treatments.

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