Computer Room Soundproofing

Acoustic Challenge

A room filled with computer noise from loud server racks, LAN racks, computers, printers, monitors and computer fan noise can create unwanted decibel level exposures for nearby employees.  The soundproofing goal is to lower the decibel level exposure inside the room as well as combat the bleed of noise to the outside of the room.

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Soundproofing Treatment

To isolate the noise to within the room, follow our advice outlined in the Walls or Ceilings section of our Applications Guide.   There we outline the proper framing techniques to add to your existing wall or ceiling surface along with the installation of dB-Bloc.   If the goal with your computer room design is to lower the sound exposure inside the room only,  apply sound absorption panels on the back walls behind the server racks, and suspend Curtitions or QBS sound barrier blankets out infront of the rack.    These products are all featured in our Product Bin for your consideration.

Acoustic Results

If you frame out your walls properly and line with density, you can trigger 12-15 dB drops outside the room.   Results for soundproofing a computer room are simulated for broadcast in our Sound Chamber


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The most popular treatment is to place 3" thick white melamine foam Pyramids behind your server rack, and white QBS-1 blankets out front.   The blankets will block airborne noise from filling the room while the Pyramids absorb the energy trapped behind.

Cut the blankets undersized, leaving room for the server to breathe.   If you prefer a non-ceiling suspended treatment, opt for the Sound Screens instead.    These are 4'x8' sections framed and on wheels for greater portability.

Check the contact points between your server rack and the floor.   If there is no decoupling mounts separate the rack from the floor, install our Novibra sound pads for isolating structure borne noise.

The products mentioned here are showcased in the Product Bin for Computer Room treatments.