Wall Soundproofing

NetWell Noise Control is the preferred vendor for mitigating noise for all Massage Envy locations throughout America. The primary goal with any franchise owner that reaches to us for help is to isolate one room’s noise from the next. The soundproofing treatment is all about privacy and comfort for their clientele.

mass loaded vinyl called dB-Bloc combats sound bleed through common wall or ceiling

The Treatment

NetWell introduced Massage Envy to the dB-Bloc layering system that can applied to any new build, remodel, or retrofit to existing finished walls. The layering treatment can deaden up to 90% of the transmitting noise leaking from room to room through common walls.

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mass loaded vinyl and channel system combats common wall noise bleed

Featured Product

dB-Bloc is a sound barrier membrane that layers up beneath drywall to help deaden sound bleed through a common surface to an adjoining room.   Ideal for protecting one room’s noise from the next, the treatment can deaden up to 90% of noise bleed through the common wall.

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dB-Bloc sound barrier membrane blocks common wall noise bleed


As a result of the layering treatment, dB-Bloc is able to deaden up to 90% of the noise bleeding through a common wall between adjoining rooms. Results will vary depending on leakage, the quality of the installation, doors, windows, the ventilation system, open plenum space and a host of other flanking paths. We coach our clients, including Massage Envy, that there is no “cure” to noise bleed, only better “control” due to these flanking paths. Nonetheless, our treatments can deaden up to 90% of the noise bleed.

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massage studios soundproofing for privacy

“Thank you NetWell for all your help in resolving our noise issues. We have greatly diminished the noise bleed we were experiencing, and have successfully delivered the privacy for our guests that we were hoping for. Your dB-Bloc layering system was a big success”

Massage Envy
Plymouth, MN