Vibration Isolation

As we learned in our course on the Sound Wave here at the NetWell Academy, sound energy can pass more quickly through structure than it does through air.    For a variety of industrial, commercial or residential sound sources that generate unwelcome noise, there comes the need to disconnect that source from the surfaces in the room.    Without the disconnection, structural vibrations will carry the energy and spread noise throughout your facility.    With disconnection, the energy collapses and the noise stays contained.

Controlling vibrations is accomplished through the use of a variety of machine mounts designed to decouple the structural contact points from machine to room surface.   The design and implementation of these mounts needs to be customized per application.    Each structural sound source will carry its own frequencies, dispersing its own weight out over varying load ranges.   Some machines will shake vertically, side to side, while others will stamp down horizontally with dramatic impact.   Whatever your case might be, it is recommended that you contact our help desk at 1-800-600-6715 to customize your Vibration Isolation treatment.


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