Conference Room Soundproofing

Privacy and Premium Sound

Good acoustics within a conference room setting will deliver clarity to speech, quality to audio visual presentations, and privacy from the rest of the building outside the conference room setting.  The challenge in soundproofing a conference room is to deliver premium sound quality without compromising on the design of the space.  Conference rooms that have received a soundproofing treatment will experience lower room reverberations, a collapse in echoes, an increase in speech intelligility, and a more user friendly space.  


Conference Room Soundproofing Treatment

For sound  isolation in your conference room,  follow the NetWell Noise Control sound proofing treatments outlined in our Walls or Ceilings section of our Applications Guide.   There we guide our clients through the layering techniques involved in soundproofing a common wall or ceiling in a conference room setting using our sound barrier membrane dB-Bloc.   The treatment will protect the conference room against noise bleed, triggering greater confidentiality within the space, and combat outside noise from bleeding into the conference room from adjoining areas.

Ceiling Clouds Controlling Conference Room AcousticsTo control the quality of the sounds produced within the conference room, the soundproofing treatment targets the installation of a set of sound panels to be surface mountd in the room.   These soundprofoing panels will capture the unwanted echoes within the space, to lower the level of background noise, and increase the clarity to original sound.  For clarity to speech, or crisp audio sound for audio video presentations and conference calls, the sound panels featured in our Product Bin will combine to deliver the sound effects you are seeking for your conference room.   The key to the success of the treatment will be to target the right soundproofig panels, and the quantities required to produce the sound values you are seeking.   We want to safe guard that you do not under treat your space, and run a free Room Analysis to calculate your sound panel count.

Results for Soundproofing Your Conference Room

If you follow our sound isolation treatment, you can trigger 12-15 dB drops.   This could represent up to a 90% drop in noise bleeding into or out of the room.  The dB-Bloc layering treatment, and/or the Ceiling Cap treatment above your ceiling tiles, will combine to sound insulate your room for premium soundproofing effects.   What is discussed within the conference room, stays within the conference room.   External noise is kept to a minimum., presentations are delivered with great clarity, conference calls do not sound like they are broadcast from a cave.

With the installation of our sound panels, clouds, tiles or wallcoverings within a conference room setting, up to 80-90% of the unwanted sound wave reflections within the space.   Presentations within the space are delivered with great clarity to sound, conference calls do not sound like they are broadcast from a cave, the quality of the sound is premium.  Simulated results for soundproofing a conference room are broadcast in our Sound Chamber.


Start Smart:     Good Decision Making Will Save You Money

Making good decisions on soundproofing conference rooms will save you time and money.   Nothing is more costly or pocketbook-draining than to discover that the wrong product, the wrong treatment, or the mis-installation of your order forces you to start over,  accept inferior results, or suffer from buyer's remorse.

To help avoid missteps and protect your investment on your conference room soundproofing project, NetWell Noise Control offers its famous, safe, and secure email course called StartSmart.   It is filled with valuable insider tips on saving money with your soundproofing treatment.   This popular teaching tool is your guide to a successful soundproofing outcome.   The eCourse is free, and enjoyed by more than
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Tips for Soundproofing a Conference Room

Break this treatment out into two stages if you first have any concerns about the transmission of noise in or out of the room through the walls or ceilings.   If you don't have this issue, center in on the absorption products only for your conference room sound proofing project.   If you do have this issue, target the use of the sound barrier materials first, then the absorption panels second.   Note in our Walls section of our Applications Guide, you can retrofit treatments to existing facilities.

What is trending lately is the popularity of our PicturePanels.   Thse are sound panels that we cut to the size our client's ask for, and we wrap them in images, graphics, logos, fine art and more.   The design appeal for the PicturePanels delivers a visual WOW factor to your conference room, branding your space, promoting your company.  

The same panel systems can be wrapped in solid colors rather than graphics.   These are the Fabric Panels.  And for spaces that have limited wall space, the same panel treatment can be delivered to a ceiling area in the form of our popular Ceiling Clouds.  Clouds or wall panels, so long as the right amount of material is introduced into your space, the sound values you are after will be triggered.   In either treatment, you do not need 100% coverage.  Complete a Room Analysis Worksheet or call our help desk to determine the square footage appropriate for your treatment.

The products for this treatment are listd in the Product Bin for soundproofing a conference room.