How do I lower my gym noise?

Soundproofing Your Gym

To control the level of noise in your gym, sound panels can be wall or ceiling mounted in the gym to capture and convert the echoes out of the room.    As the level of ambient background noise collapses, greater clarity to original sound is restored to the room.   From a gym teacher's voice, to crowd noise in a basketball game, to a public speaker, to musicals or social functions hosted in your gym, once the sound values are restored to the gym, premium quality sound is restored.

Sound panels come in a variety of styles and designs.   They can be wall mounted flush as panel systems spaced around the room's perimeter, or ceiling suspended vertically between exposed joists in a metal roof deck.   Baffles in a ceiling are always more cost effective, but be sure you have a minimum 20' clearance in vertical height in your gym.   The two most popular soundproofing panel systems we sell for gym treatments are our VET Baffles for a ceiling treatment and our Fabric Panels for a perimeter wall treatment.   Call NetWell's help desk with your gym's dimensions and we can quote both optionsi for you.

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