Top Tip for Lowering Gym Noise

Gymnasiums are typically oversized shoe-box shaped rooms defined by hard reflective surfaces on the floor, walls and ceiling of the space.   Sounds that generate within the room will continue to echo throughout the space thanks to these surfaces, and render the room unfriendly in terms of acoustics.   The more echo a room produces, the less user friendly it becomes.   Crowd noise spikes, human voice is difficult to understand, it’s a poor teaching or coaching environment, and so on.   The answer?

Sound panels.   Hang them against the upper portion of your walls around the gym, or vertically suspend them between the rows of joists in an exposed deck ceiling.   The sound panels will absorb the echo, and return the room to premium quality sound.   Crowd noise collapses, clarity to sound returns, the space can now function and host a variety of events thanks to the sound panels.

VET Baffles suspend from the ceiling.   Fabric Panels anchor to your walls.  Either option is available with a free Room Analysis of your gym space to determine quantities. Call for help to 1-800-638-9355. The top tip for lowering gym noise is to ensure that you do not under treat your space.   A simply Room Analysis can help calculate your numbers!


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