Help With Soundproofing

Most people that suffer from one noise source or another consider the resolutoin to their problem as a form of “soundproofing”.    Most of the industry experts roll their eyes at the term, because it can carry so many varied meanings.   One soundproofing treatment might target the reduction of noise bleeding through a common wall between two rooms, while another form of soundproofing could target the reduction of echo in a loud restaurant so that the customers can hold table top conversations without having to strain to hear.   A plant manager might target a soundproofing treatment as hearing protection for his machine operators, while a orchestra conductor might refer to the term soundproofing as a means by which to deliver equal, crisp, harmonic sound to every seat in the auditorium.    From lowering crowd noise in a gym, to a dog’s bark entering through your window, the key to the sucess of any soundproofing treatment is to first define what you are trying to do.

Defining your soundproofing project is straight forward, and in most cases, the treatments are simple to replicate.   But for those who buy products first, then discover that the noise is still prevalent, well that’s an indication that they skipped past the most important part of the process:  defining the problem.  With good definition of what needs to happen, the correct soundproofing treatment can be targeted, which in turn will produce the best product mix for your treatment.

For help in determining your best options for sound control, start by defining the term “soundproofing” and call our help desk.  We will guide you through your treatment and introduce the acoustical materials best suited to meet your needs.   To your sound success!

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