How to Pick a Soundproofing Supplier

The internet is jam packed with soundproofing companies vying for your business.   Prior to the internet explosion, there were a handful of suppliers around the country that all had easy access to most of the commercial and industrial sound abatement projects.   With the advent of the internet, comes a flock of residential inquiries into sound isolation, combined with more purchasing options among the commercial and industrial market places.   As a result, a tidal wave of sound suppliers have built store front websites trying to entice the website surfer.   The question then begs itself:  how to decide what to do?   Who to trust?  Who to work with?

While no two soundnproofing treatments are alike, most can be replicated over and over again, customized to the specifics of your own application.   Most treatment options are pre-defined before you go surfing or calling by phone seeking help, the key to the success of the treatment is to properly diagnose it upfront, have access to the right acoustical materials for the job, and be able to properly diagnose quantities needed to trigger the sound values you are after.

What this means to the average client is that the longer your soundproofing supplier has been in business, the more likely they are to have had a repeated history of success on their track record, working on the exacxt same sound problelms you are trying to resolve…they will replicate for you what has worked over and over again for them in the past.   And the deeper the product mix is, the more likely they will be able to meet the specific needs of your treatment.   Suppliers that promote a more vertical line of limited products will try to place the wrong product into your hands, if they don’t have access to the right product.

So here are some steps you can take during your selection process:

1.   Don’t buy from a website that doesn’t teach you about sound control.   If the site takes the time to educate prior to selling material, you are in better hands.  If all the site does is post products on their home page and expect you to buy, buyer beware.

2.   Look for diversity in the product mix.   A sound baffle company won’t supply machine mounts.   An acoustic foam supplier may not have dB-Bloc.   A ceiling tile contractor won’t have access to sound control blankets, and so on.   Look for a one-stop-shop type resource with access to multiple product lines.

3.   Don’t call more than 2-3 suppliers.   The more you seek, the more blurred your vision will become as each will deliver a slightly different answer to your questions, tailoring them around the products they represent.   Again, trust the teaching websites, not the product websites.

4.   Favor those that pre-date the internet.   If a company is 18 months old and riding an internet wave of inquiries, chances are their owners were employees of the older companies in the business, and ventured off on their own.   Those companies that are 20+ years old have their foothold in the market, lower overhead, better savings to pass along, and a more knowledgeable staff to support your efforts.   Companies that are 3 years old or less might be good web marketers, but the phone call might be answered by someone with 3 months on the job.   Why put your soundproofing treatment in the hands of the inexperienced.

Of course, NetWell Noise Control authors these tips and meets the criteria set forth here, so it’s natural for the reader to be skeptical of our intent.   The honest truth is, that our feedback from our client base is unparalleled in this industry.   We take great care to get your treatment right, replicate what we know will work, introduce you to a broad base of products, and package the entire treatment around a 20 year track record of success.  There are few online resources that can offer the same, and we thank our client base for their business, their confidence and their feedback.

One final point.  In our StartSmart series, we offer a variety of techniques designed to keep your price in check.   Two points there that overlap with this article.  First, don’t pay for onsite expertise, save the cost and accept the advice for free.   95% of all soundproofing treatments are based on the size, shape and surface textures involved with your project, you do not need to pay someone to come measure your facility.   Second, work with suppliers who drop ship for self installation.   All of our products are easy to work with, you do not need expensive acoustical contractors coming in and doubling your price to cover their labor charges.   Get volunteers involved, save on that cost also.

Good luck with your search, we look forward to hearing from you!   Call the help desk anytime at 1-800-638-9355.




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