Soundproofing Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are an example of a stationary sound source that can easily be partially closed off and sealed for sound protection.   Whether indoors, or out, a pump can have a simple frame built around the unit, with a corresponding set of sound barrier blankets cut to match the profile of the frame.   The blankets in turn can trigger up to a 90% collapse in noise exposure to unhappy neighbors or nearby residents.    These blankets are called QBO Blankets for outdoor use, or QBV Blankets for indoor use.    They are suspended vertically by grommets we punch into the top of the material, with velcroed edges that allow you to seal them together and minimize leakage.   Full or partial enclosures.   The treatment can easily be replicated for motors, generators, air conditioning systems, compressors, and a variety of other stationary noise sources.

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