Buying Soundproofing Products Online

It is often hard to imagine for a new client that calls in randomly off Google that an online website can help resolve a sound/noise related problem.    The key, we tell them, is to remember that online resources aren’t about producing a “cure” to the noise, but simply gaining more “control” over it.   To produce this net effect, treatments are simply replicated over and over again based on matching our past success against the size, shape and surface textures of your space.    The distinction should be made, however, that some online resources are more accurate with their treatments than are others, and this is where the big mystery lies.   How does a client know who to buy their products from?

There are plenty of websites out there that target sound reduction.   If you study them, you will find that the bulk of these websites are really offering the same product choices, but calling them by different names.  The good news here is that witnessing a replication of products over many websites must mean that the products themselves actually perform, and they do….if they are properly diagnosed.   But if the wrong product is plugged into an equation, and the results collapse, then it stains the market for all of us suppliers.  The key to the success of your treatment is all about product selection and quantities installed, and that combination can easily be assessed with a simple Room Analysis by the more seasoned suppliers on the web.   The problem of course is not knowing which sites are store fronts for well seasoned suppliers, and which sites have an empty track record standing behind them.   Why take the chance with your investment on selecting the wrong site?

It is estimated that there are 500 websites on the internet that target sound reduction treatments.   Of this set, less than 30 have more than 20 years of industry experience marketing their products.   It is within this group that your results will be more or less guaranteed, due to the track records that have allowed them to stay in the business for so long.    And it is within this family that NetWell Noise Control ranks among the leaders in delivering affordable, effective sound solutions.

The key to selecting the right product and the right amount of that product is to target the website, and call their help desk.   Guiding a client to the right answers is an art form, the act of actually purchasing the product can follow by either shopping online or calling back to place your order.    Note that we are big believers here at NetWell about saving costs on the upfront and back end of your project.   You do not need expensive onsite acoustical consultaing or expensive onsite acoustical contractors to install your order.   Unless your noise issue is in litigation, handling nuisance noise is nothing more than replicating our treatments for you, tailoring them around the dimensions of your space.

We welcome your inquiries and wish you great fortune in shopping online for your sound abatement needs.  At any time, our help desk stands ready to assist at 1-800-638-9355.



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