Classroom Noise

Controlling excessive levels of noise in a class room is critical to producing a more favorable learning environment.   With more background noise, the teaching is compromised.  With less background noise, the learning is enhanced.   Sound panels are available for easy self installation around the perimeter of any classroom, wall or ceiling mounted, to produce these intended sound effects.   They can “float” from the ceiling, they can “flush mount” to a wall or a ceiling, and they can double as “bulletin boards” in the shape of long expansive horizontal sound boards.

The panels can also have art, logos, color, images, graphics and school themes printed onto the face of the panel systems.   For more information on controlling excessive noise levels in your classroom setting, call NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355.   22 years of industry experience diagnosing treatments and producing more favorable sound for thousands of satisfied customers.   Find us online at!

, Classroom Noise

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