Which Sound Panels Should I Use?

Sound panels is a generic term, often used to source websites online to find products that can range from acoustic foam to ceiling tiles, from cloth wrapped panels to waterproof baffles.   The variety of sound panels found here on our website helps our consultants best match to the individual needs of each client we serve.   Sound panels for a music room, for example, will differ from sound panels used in a kennel application.   The environment with which the panels are placed has everything to do with sound panel selection, while the size of the space being treated will dictate quantities required for each new soundproofing project.

The key to the success of any soundproofing treatment lies in proper product selection for your sound panels, and then getting that calculation right for quantities needed.   The sound panels can be wall or ceiling mounted, they can be class A or class B fire rated, they can be glued or clipped for portability, they can be thin or thick.  The sound panel of choice should match the needs of the environment.

For example, should a loud restaurant call NetWell and ask for help, the last thing we’d tell them to do is place acoustic foam into their space.   Most foams are not class A fire rated, and all foams are chemically based products that degrade over time.   With that degrade comes foam dust, not good for a public space where people are consuming food.   If you ever see acoustic foam in a restaurant, somebody made the wrong chocie!

On the other hand, a recording studio is ideal for acoustic foam, as it tends to be a less expensive product designed to produce the same values as a fiberglass based material.   Fiberglass is class A, foam is not, unless the panels are cut from Melamine foam, then yes the foam panel is also class A.   But melamine is brittle, and again will create flaking at some point.   For most public venues including hospitals, schools, churches and YMCAs, class A fire rated material is a must.   Go with the fiberglass based sound panels, and choose from the variety of skins that can be wrapped around them.   But for private business, including industrial plans, kennels, gun ranges, music rooms, recording studios, and more, soundproofing these spaces is often done with class B rated material.   The rating for class B simply means the foam is “self extinguishing’….it will put it self out within 2 seconds.   Unless fanned or flamed, then it shouldn’t be placed into that environment at all.

So choosing the “right” sound panel is all about the space being treated.   Then choosing the “quantities” is all about how big the space is, and what our Room Analysis will determine.   For help in selecting your sound panel, or the quantities right for your treatment, call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355.   Remember, no two soundproofing treatments are the same, but the performance of our sound panel systems remains a constant.   We know how to collapse noise, and look forward to speaking with you!

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