Sound Panels: Location vs Quantity


Think of standing in the center of a room and blowing up a balloon until the skin of the balloon starts to touch the perimeter wall and ceiling surfaces in that room.   This is how sound waves emanate from a sound source.   Within a millisecond, every square foot of surface space within a room is accepting first wave sound reflections.  To lower the level of ambient noise within the space, the goal is to capture and absorb those echoes with wall or ceiling mounted sound panels.   So long as the right quantities are introduced into the room, the location of the sound panels is regardless.

The key to the success of a soundproofing treatment lies in the quantities introduced into the room, not necessarily where they are positioned.   So long as the panel treatment is dispersed around a room’s perimeter, enough first wave reflections will collapse to deliver the acoustic effects our clients seek, no matter where the sound panels are positioned.   As long as they are exposed to the room, and not sheltered behind another surface, and so long as they right amount of square footage is introduced into the space, enough first wave reflections will be captured and converted to produce premium sound quality.

NetWell offers a free Room Analysis to perform this calculation for every client, every space we treat.   The size, shape and surface textures within a room will determine the overall level of sound panel coverage required to produce the intended results.   And no, you do not need a sound expert onsite to measure the dimensions of your room, the soundproofing treatments supplied by NetWell are easily replicated over and over again, with the sound panel quantities tailored around the size of the room in question.

Soundproofing is all about quantity, not location, so long as the panel or baffle treatment is evenly disbursed around the room’s perimeter as best you can.   To help calculate the sound panel coverage for your space, call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 or visit us online at   We look forward to delivering the same sound values for you that we replicate over and over again for a long list of satisfied clients!

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