Soundproofing a Fellowship Hall


A loud fellowship hall can be rendered nearly useless as people congregate but lack the ability to communicate with one another.   Not only can this serve as a nuisance, especially to seniors who already have a hard time with their hearing, but suppose the church wants to use the space as a multi purpose function room to host weddings and other get events that could help produce funding for the church.   If the room is unfriendly in terms of noise, it can prove costly as well as uncomfortable.

The question will surface “what can we do about the noise in this room” and the answer is quite simple.   Excessive levels of noise are caused by extended sound waves that cause “echoes” inside a room.   These echoes blur original sound signals, forcing people to raise their voices up and over the background noise, which then heightens the noise.   By capturing and converting these echoes out of the fellowship hall, clarity to original sound is restored, as people are able to once again converse in normal conversational tones.

Sound panels are an affordable and simple means by which to capture and convert these echoes out of the room.   Sound panels can be wall or ceiling mounted, they are class A fire rated, portable, easy to self install, decorative, durable, colorful and can produce the acoustics you are hoping for in your fellowship hall.   The key to the success of any sound panel treatment is to ensure that the right sound panel is selected and that the right amount of that sound panel system is introduced into the room.

To calculate the sound panel coverage your fellowship hall needs, NetWell Noise Control offers a free Room Analysis to help determine the amount of panels your space requries.   That calcualtion is derived based on the size, shape and surface textures of the room in question.   Simply call those numbers in to NetWell’s help desk at 1-800-638-9355 and they will help produce your count and quote your project.   It takes an average 4 weeks to make the panels, and can easily be self installed by volunteers in your church.

For more information on NetWell’s line of acoustic sound panels, visit them online at or call to 1-800-638-9355.

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