Soundproof Your Fellowship Hall


Any room that hosts crowds of gathering people is suspect for poor room acoustics.   As the crowd swells, their voices begin to carry throughout the room, reflecting off floor, ceiling and perimeter wall surfaces, elevating the level of background noise, and forcing a severe collapse in one’s ability to communicate across a table top.  Now take a Fellowship Hall in a church, and add in their aging senior population who are already hard of hearing, and the church is forced to deal with the noise, but unsure how to proceed.  Does this sound like your church?   Does your Fellowship Hall suffer from poor room acoustics?  Is your Fellowship Hall rendered unfriendly due to the poor sound quality?

The good news is that sound panels are readily available for your church.   They come in a variety of styles, patterns, colors, they are portable, easy to self install and class A fire rated.   By mounting sound panels in your Fellowship Hall, you are able to effectively capture this unwelcome background noise, converting the echoes out of the room, to deliver back greater clarity to original sound.   Once you reach that point, communication is restored, the room becomes more functional, better able to host a variety of social events, and even your senior citizens are able to visit in comfort without the strain in holding conversation.

While there are a wide variety of soundproofing products on the internet, the key to the success of your treatment lies in both the product you choose, and the quantities required to produce the sound values you seek for your space.   By performing a simple Room Analysis, NetWell Noise Control is able to properly target both the product and the quantities for you.   A simple phone call to 1-800-638-9355 with the dimensional size, shape and surface textures of your Fellowship Hall are all they need to give you the proper acoustic advice.   It takes approximately 4 weeks to make your panels and ship, it will take a team of volunteers at the church a day to surface mount them to your walls or ceiling, and the room will be ready to host its next event.

Please note that sound panels can be introduced into your Fellowship Hall as either a wall mounted panel system which evenly spreads panels around your room’s wall perimeter.   But they can also be installed as Ceiling Cloud system which floats the panels from the ceiling, out over the room, allowing you to leave your walls as they are.

For an affordable, decorative, durable, and effective sound panel treatment for your Fellowship Hall, contact NetWell Noise Control today at 1-800-638-9355.   22 years of industry experience, tailoring treatments for tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

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