How to Control Restaurant Noise


As crowds gather in busy restaurants, owners are left wondering what to do about the noise.   People’s voices begin to carry, as the hard reflective surfaces continue to bounce echoes throughout the space and spike the decibel levels.   Conversations grow strained, threatening the repeat business.   As the baby boom population continues to age, comfort within a restaurant space holds as much weight as does the quality of the food being served.   So what can the restaurant owner do?

Sound panels are easily installed to perimeter wall or ceiling surfaces.   They serve to capture echoes and convert them out of the room, collapsing the background noise, removing the strain from conversation, as clarity to original sound is restored.   There are two keys to the success of treating a restaurant space for noise control, the first is to ensure that the right amount of sound panel is introduced into the space, and second, to ensure that the panels do no corrupt the design of the restaurant.   This can be a tricky undertaking, but NetWell Noise Control has the answer.

First, a free Room Analysis is performed for every restaurant space needing soundproofing.   The analysis will help calculate the square footage of the sound panels required based on the room’s size, shape and surface teztures.   Click here for a free Room Analysis of your space.

As for the design of the sound panels, the options today are limitless.   The old days of slapping up ugly panel systems on perimeter wall or ceilings is gone.   Today, those panels are replaced by imaged panels that can be printed with images, logos, graphics, custom color matches, faux, vintage images, and more.   Panel systems can now be colored to camouflage into a space undetected, or the opposite.   They can become the artistic focal point of any room, as large oversized murals can now carry across the expanse of perimeter wall or ceiling space.   The design centerpiece that doubles as a sound panel system.

For more information on custom imaged sound panels, click here!   Or call the help desk at NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355.

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