3 Panels for Classroom Soundproofing


Most classrooms fill with excessive noise levels because of the hard reflective suraces on perimeter walls, ceilings and floors.   As echoes carry, background noise blurs original sound signals from the teacher, producing a poor learning environment for the students.  Grades collapse, teachers get stressed out.  The remedy is actualy fairly simple.   By introducing sound panels into the room, the echoes will collapse and restore clarity to original sound.   This makes for a healthy learning environment, grades improve, teachers stress levels subside.

The sound panels best suited for a classroom are 3.

First, a Fabrictack Panel is a board measuring 4′ tall x 10′ wide that doubles as a bulletin board.   Teachers can anchor these down low on a wall, students can pin their school projects to them.   The panels are 1″ thick, durable, portable, class A fire rated and are available in 60 colors.

Second, a Ceiling Cloud is a cloth wrapped panel that can mechanically “float” from the ceiling between flush mounted lights.   Clouds are not continuous, they evenly space around a room’s ceiling to help absorb the excessive noise.

Finally, a PicturePanel is a wall mounted sound panel that can double as artwork.  Images, graphics, logos, school colors and more can be custom painted onto the panels for showing school pride.

With any of these sound panel options, the key to the success of your project is to ensure that you do no undertreat your space.   Based on your room’s size, shape and surface textures, a simple Room Analysis is performed by NetWell Noise Control to help calculate the right amount of material you will want to use.  If you under treat the space, you throw the results away.

For more information on soundproofing your classroom, visit NetWell Noise Control online at www.controlnoise.com or call to 1-800-638-9355.   These same sound pane systems are also idea for gymnasiums, cafeterias, music rooms, auditoriums, hallways, offices and more!

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