3 Tips for Church Acoustics


Controlling ambient noise in a sanctuary targets the reduction of echoes that will otherwise cause distorted and blurred sound signals. Traditional services deliver the spoken word, contemporary services add drums and base guitars, if the sanctuary is not porperly treated, the sound waves will produce a poor listening environment and drive the congregation away.   To properly control the level of echo in a sanctuary, there are 3 tips for properly soundproofing the space.

First, add sound panels to the perimeter walls or ceiling space.  Sound panels combine to absorb the unwanted echoes in the room.   As a result, greater clarity to original sound is restored, giving music a crisp harmonic sound, and the spoken word delivered with complete understanding by the congregation.   Sound panels come in many forms, including Fabric Panels for perimeter back and side walls, and/or Ceiling Clouds that are designed to float mechanically from the ceiling.

Second, thicken the sound panels up to 2″ for contemporary services.   Thicker sound panels attack more base frequency noise that will stem from drums and base guitars, while a thinner 1″ thick panel system is all you need for traditional services that include choir, speech and organ music.

Finally, do not under treat your space.  Call for a free Room Analysis to help calculate the right amount of material that your sanctuary should receiving.   NetWell Noise Control provides this service at no charge to all its clients.   We safegaurd against under treating your space and throwing out your sound values, but are also careful to not over treat your space and deliver diminishing returns.   Every sanctuary out there has a pre-determined amount of sound panels appropriate for the space based on the room’s size, shape and surface textures.  A Room Analysis can help determine the right amount of material for you.

Premium sound quality in a sanctuary is produced once the sound panels are installed in the space and begin capturing the echoes.   The panels are decorative, durable, easy to self install, portable, class A fire rated and come in dozens of color options.   They can also be custom printed with your church’s logo or seasonal messages.  For more infomration, call NetWell Noise Control’s help desk at 1-800-638-9355.

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