Surfing the Net for Soundproofing Help?


Acoustical panels, sound insulation material, common wall noise, echo problems, crowd noise, loud spaces and a plethora of other soundproofing related search terms are keyed in daily into the Google search box as customers seek help to resolve their noise issues.   While there is a great wealth of helpful  on the internet, there is also a great deal of mis-information.   And like most customers, a soundproofing treatment is a one-time project, with little background or know-how as to what to do, how to do it, what it will cost, and who to trust.

Type the word “soundproofing” into your Google box and what you’ll discover are websites that link you to eBay, Wikipedia, and Amazon.   These are not great resources for helping to instruct a new client on what steps can be taken to resolve your acoustics issues.   However, there are some excellent websites in the soundproofing business that can help.   One suggestion is to add a tail to your keyword search, such as “soundproofing a restaurant” or “soundproofing my drums” or “soundproofing a gym”.   By adding these tails, you will be linked to more pertinent websites that have vertical market answers to your more specific keyword search terms.

So if you are in the market for help with your acoustics, be more specific with your keyword search, and chances are good you will generate more help on the home page of your Google search.   As for discerning between websites, the more teaching the website does, as compared to pitching their products on the home page, the more likely you have landed on a more helpful resource for you and your soundproofing project.   Shy away from websites that just want you to buy their panels.  Key in on those websites that first help you understand how to resolve your noise issues, and then match your issues to the appropriate products.  One such website that has proven to be of great resource is NetWell Noise Control.    Plus they have nearly 25 years of industry experience, which means replciation.   Their soundproofing treatments are repeated over and over again with great success, tailoring each treatment around the size, shape and surface textures of your space.

If you are surfing the net seeking advice and help with your soundproofing project, turn to a company like NetWell Noise Control.

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