Ceiling Tiles that Block Plenum Noise Bleed

Commercial grade acoustical ceiling tiles to NOT block sound from bleeding in and out of a room through a drop grid tile system.   Commercial grade ceiling tiles are there to hide the pipes, not block sound bleed or absorb echoes within the space.   If you have a commercial, residential or industrial space that has noise bleed in / out of a room through your existing ceiling tile sytsem, there is good news.   A soundproofing treatment now exists where the existing ceiling tiles can be left in tact, but upgraded.

Ceiling Caps are sound insulation plates that are cut to match the cavity size of your ceiling tiles.   They simply rest atop existing ceiling tiles to help deaden the bleed of noise in and out of a room through the ceiling system.   Ceiling Caps are dense sound panel systems that combine to block the noise from bleeding into or out of a room through the ceiling tiles, as well as absorb reverberant energy trapped in the plenum space.   For a proper installation of the Ceiling Cap, start by reinforcing the grid to accept a 1 pound-per-square-foot Ceiling Cap, and then rest the Ceiling Caps down atop the existing ceiling tile.   The result?  Up to a 90% collapse in sound bleed through the ceiling.

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